“Baked” for Australian Open fans) We’re going to amaze you!

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“Baked” for Australian Open fans) We’re going to amaze you!

The first Grand Slam of the year has arrived and as always, promises some amazing tennis!
If you’re still unaware of the facts surrounding Australian Open, but for being a crazy Fan of Tennis, then you are on the RIGHT WAY!)

Here we prepared 25 Awesome Australian Open Facts to amaze you!!!

Top Interesting Facts about Australian Open

1.First Match Was Played at a Cricket Ground

Surprised? You might as well be. The first match of the Australian Open, then known as the Australian Championship, was played at the Warehouseman’s Cricket Ground in 1905. Rodney Heath defeated fellow Australian Arthur Curtis in four sets to claim the inaugural title.

2.Only Grand Slam to be played in different Countries and Cities

Surprised again? The Australian Open is indeed one such a mega tennis event that has been played in different countries, Australia and New Zealand. Two New Zealand cities, Christchurch and Hastings hosted the tournament in 1906 and 1912. When other tournaments have being played in five Australian cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. That lasted until 1972, when Melbourne became the official hosting city of the tournament. Now Melbourne saves its best for the Australian Open, with an array of art, culture and music events adding to the atmosphere.

3.The Youngest or the Oldest One…that is the question!

Ken Rosewall! Is he the youngest or the oldest man to win the Men’s single title at Australia Open?

A very peculiar fact is that it is the same person! Yes, you read that right. First of all Ken Rosewall is Australian Open Youngest Winner. He won the championship at the age of 18. Ken played tennis from his childhood and started to participate in different tournaments being a child. In 1953 he won his first singles title at a Grand Slam event. This happened after defeating compatriot Marvyn Rose at the Australian Championships. And what is wondering, he is still the youngest winner of a Grand Slam!
But this is not the end of this breathtaking story! After 19 years and 2 more Australian Open titles, he created history for one more time. He won the tournament again, aged 37.

4.Surface Changes

The Australian Open was initially played on a grass court. The trend continued from 1905 to 1987, until hard courts were introduced.
Another change took place in 2009 when the hard court surface was replaced by rebound ace surface which is a mixture of asphalt and sand.
By the way, Mats Wilander holds the record of being the only player who has won the championship title on both grass court as well as on hard court.

5.Contest on a Frying pan))

January is actually the summer season in Australia. The conditions are pretty tough, specially for the players hailing from European Countries. The mercury can rise up to 45 degree Celsius which is well above 100 degrees in Fahrenheit.

The players have said things like – it felt like they were playing tennis in a sauna, or on a frying pan that sizzled their soles. In order to cope up with the heat, many retractable roofs have been constructed and provide some relief to both players as well as the spectators.

6. Balls, balls and flying balls

About 40 000 Wilson balls are used during Australia Open. All of these balls are prepared beforehand. Six new balls are used for the five-minute warm-up and the first seven games and six new balls are provided every nine games thereafter. So let’s try to imagine what a path of balls can be build after the final?

7. Mmmm… Ice cream…Sounds tasty!!!

More than 164 000 ice cream cones were eaten by the fans during the event in 2007. We are not sure that anywhere in Melbourne such an amount of cones could be eaten in one place at the same time!

8. Selfie with a kangaroo?!

We know how beautiful the Melbourne Zoo is! And tennis players have a tradition to go to the Zoo after the game and have a photo with kangaroo. This might be very strange for someone, but not for Australians! Because Kangaroos are so typical animals for Australia! It is like a symbol of this country, so we would definitely do the same and make a photo for memory of this amazing place!

9. Grunts and Screaming Records

Men and women games are definitely sound different. Why do women cry louder during the game? Actually, the players explain it like – it is comfortable and usual. But was it usual in the 16th century?)

The record of the loudest grunt was made by Maria Sharapova, when it reached 105 decibels.
Just a little more and it will be the same as motorcycle!
After her a new record was established by Michelle Larcher de Brito – Portuguese player whose scream was fixed at 109 decibels.

10. Australian Open Ball Boys and Girls, Thank you!

Usually there are more than 300 ball boys and ball girls who attend the event.
And this year the stadiums will be full of them. Just imagine how they help during the games and at the same time stay aside, not attracting attention to themselves. Good ball boys and girls, we just thank you!

“Shine bright like a diamond!”

Australian Open Champions. Seems, that Rihanna sings her favorite song to these talented tennis players! Even those, who do not know anything about tennis, heard such names as Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic and others! It is not surprisingly, as they are top players, who defeated their competitors year by year.

Top 5 nowadays tennis players you definitely heard about!

1. Novak Djokovic is Australian Open 2016 winner.

This Serbian professional tennis player, considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time.
In 2012, he played the longest match in Australian Open history (by time) with Spanish player Rafael Nadal.

2. Rafael Nadal is one of the strongest competitors in the Men’s Single. He was fifth in Men’s single at Australian Open 2016, when he lost to Fernando Verdasco, his fellow-countryman, in the first round. That was not his best result, as in Australian Open 2009 he won the title, defeating Roger Federer with 7–5, 3–6, 7–6(7–3), 3–6, 6–2. He is also a holder of 14 Grand Slams, Olympic gold medal and many other awards, so we hope to see his unforgettable bright play during the upcoming tournament this year and wish him good luck!

3. One more extremely popular tennis player, who attends this Australian Open is Serena Williams.

“It’s so important to have passions in your life that are just for you. What do you do for you?”, she wrote in her Twitter page recently.

In 2002 Serena became the world number one for her first time. Having 22 Grand Slams(6 Australian Open titles ), she is announced second on the all times after Margaret Court (who has 24).

As for Serena Williams Australian Open history, last January she struggled with Angelique Kerber (German tennis player) in the Single’s Final and lost, stepping back on the second place. Looking forward to see her game this year!

4. Andy Murray is also in our list. Currently, holding the name of the world number one, the Scottish player, representing Great Britain, is extremely popular, having high rankings. He is the first man, who has two gold medals on the Olympic Games. First Andy won in 2012 and second in 2016.

Taking some notes from Murray’s Australian Open history, we see that in 2016 Australian Open he lost to Rafael Nadal in singles. Let’s see what he shows this year!

5. One more outstanding tennis player is Roger Federer. Having 17 Grand Slams, he is boasting with his results and can compete with any of the strong competitors. This year he is going to play his first match in Australian Open 2017 with Jurgen Melzer, an Austrian tennis player.

Some More Important Australian Open History Dates:

1946 – the first foreign players from US came to the tournament. Before, only Australians and New Zealanders participated in this event.
1954Thelma Long won the Women’s Singles Championship, having become the oldest female to do so at her 35.
1969 – Australian Championships was renamed to Australian open.
1977 – from this time the exact month of the year (January) is scheduled for the tournament.
1986 – is the year when the Australian Open was not played.
2003 – The Australian Open begins billing itself as the “Grand Slam of Asia/Pacific.”

Who is organizing this event?

This year one of the main sponsors of Australia Open is KIA, along with such companies and organizations as Coca Colla, Jacob’s Creek, Blackmores, Rolex, Canadian Club, IBM, Hisense, Lavazza, Frantelle, Medibank, Willson and others.

Every year, more than 100 of Kia’s latest vehicles are provided to the Australian Open to ensure safe and convenient transportation of the world’s top tennis players, VIPs, officials and media throughout the event. It has extended its sponsorship scope with the long term sponsorship of the Australian Open and legendary tennis player Rafael Nadal.

*Bonus Facts

  • The Australian Open tennis tournament is traditionally the first tournament of the year in the Grand Slam series which also includes the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open.
  • It attracts a huge amount of people from all over the world, best tennis players show their talents, surprising and admiring, inspiring and teaching those who love this amazing sport. So, let’s keep calm and enjoy tennis, as we believe that tournament this year will present us a lot of bright moments we will not forget about!
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