Things To Do in New York during the US Open + Some Tips for Comfortable Traveling

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Things To Do in New York during the US Open + Some Tips for Comfortable Traveling

Annually in the late August, the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center welcomes the US Tennis Open, surely the largest scale tournament in the nation. This event is one of the four Grand Slams. It attracts the most prominent players and the most devoted fans by its atmosphere, created by great music performances and activities of various kinds.

It’s obvious that visiting the tournament gives lots of opportunities to use your spare time most effectively. The largest American city, New York, has a plenty of faces to discover. Once you hit the road, try to take a glimpse into opportunities of rest, entertainment, and incomparable impressions NY offers. The trip to the city may become a beautiful adventure to experience and keep in memory. If every city, as it is said, has its character, then passing NY without trying to recognize the most expressive features would be unwise.

This list of 30 highly recommended places to visit in New York will help you to plan your own excursion, considering the time you spend on the tournament and your preferences.

1. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

The worldwide known steel wire structure and the first of its kind is a National Historic Landmark. The East River is crossed by more than 4,000 pedestrians each day. Walking 1 mile along the engineering marvel of its epoch will open the grand view of the city, especially at night. Enjoy seeing the New York’s icon, whose construction was completed in 1883.

US Open Location

2. Hang out at Brooklyn Bowl

the us open
Possibly you have heard of locations filled with cool music and remarkable places for bowling too, but Brooklyn Bowl combines these things, and what comes out is worth experiencing. Musical performance plus club and bowling alley – all this you can find at 61 Wythe Avenue.

3. Eat at Clyde’s Wine and Dine

Searching for some place to muse over one of the matches and enjoy NYC mood inside the brightest of the New York restaurants? Then go to Clyde’s Wine and Dine, named after Walt “Clyde” Frazier, the basketball legend of the Knicks. It welcomes visitors at 485 10th Avenue since March of 2012.

the us open

4. Attend a Mets Game

This year, the Mets started to play against the Miami Marlins, which brought the euphoric celebration of victory to the NY team. The complex is not far from the tennis stadium and you will be able to go on foot. Start the autumn with an extra bonus!

5. Chelsea Market

Located in former Nabisco factory, the market offers every type of food you could think of to have a wonderful stay in a hotel. Various fresh desserts and produce give you a lot of possible combinations of how to have a whale of a time in the evening without entering any restaurant…

6. Scott’s Pizza Tours

…if only Scott’s Pizza Tours didn’t exist. The number of great restaurant in NYC is too large to get tired of eating at them, especially if it is about traditional New York pizza. Staying in the city affords so many choices that you may get lost in addresses and names. Or maybe you don’t want to choose. Then Scott will provide you with a tasty NY tour to let you pick up a slice of pie at each point of the delicious excursion. The only thing you will have to choose is either to travel on foot or by bus.

7. Madame Tussauds

the us open
Don’t get upset if you had no chance to see some celebrity… or will not ever have, because they are already passed by and left their voices on the pages of history. Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Marilyn Monroe and Derek Jeter are a few of hundreds of figures the renowned wax New York museum includes.

8. The High Line

Sometimes the city din may tire or you just feel the need to be alone and think about important questions in your life…
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Find your inner peace literally above the ground, at the High Line. It’s a rail structure extending from Gansevoort Street to West 34th Street on Manhattan’s West Side. In case you want to do something related to crafts and/or nature, the park is the venue for such events – just make time to find them.

9. Ground Zero

The place does impress, perhaps like nothing other in NYC. It’s the memorial on the site of the former World Trade Center in lower Manhattan. It consists of two the largest artificial waterfalls in North America and two large pools located where the Twin Towers stood until September 11, 2001. The feelings which the place evokes lead to the thought of how valuable every moment of life is.
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10. Statue of Liberty

Another place to look at is surely the most famous landmark in the US. Since its opening, it has served as a navigation mark and a lighthouse. Now Frederic Bartholdi’s great creation is an outstanding destination for city visitors.

11. Metropolitan Museum of Art

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It is the fourth of the most visited New York Museums on the planet. The museum’s collection consists of masterpieces from around the world, and also artworks of such famous artists as Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock – just to name a few.

12. Empire State Building


NY has a nickname: Empire State. No wonder that a champion of the US Tennis Open usually pays a visit to the Empire State Building, one of the NYC symbols. It has 102 stories and once was known as the tallest building in the world. The entire height is 443 m, and from the roof (381 m) you will observe the fullest and most breathtaking view of Manhattan.

13. Attend a Broadway Play

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Broadway shows have greatly contributed to the New York’s name of the nation’s cultural capital. Every night 40 professional theaters perform plays and musicals on the highest level of excellence. Broadway theater presents that particular spirit of the city that inspires and hides behind roles, masks, and emotions.

14. Citi Field and Yankee Stadium

There are enough sports events for fans outside the US Tennis Open, but two legendary baseball teams should be on your must-visit list. Mets and Yankees, competitive, ambitious and winning! Take a walk to the City Field, designed like the old Ebbets Field in Brooklyn – that is just within the reach of the hand, and Yankee Stadium, which can be easily reached by subway.

15. Attend a New York Red Bulls Game

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Maybe you will find it attractive to discover NY as a soccer center as well. Capture one of the most beautiful moments in sports, when the prominent French striker Thierry Henry is just on one’s game.

16. Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

Everything ends sometimes, and the matches too… But don’t even try to be sad. Visit the Astoria neighborhood in Queens, where you will find the Beer Garden. One sip of beer, seasoned with the atmosphere of this 100-year place, will make you feel much better.

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17. Central Park

Breathe freely in the green heart of the metropolis. Catch a warm smile of the summer. Ride a bicycle or simply walk through nature’s domain. We bet you won’t believe that these charming landscapes are created by humans.

18. Times Square

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A concentrated image of New York and its life, and personification of all its neon lights, avenues and walkways combined in Times Square. A large number of illuminated well-known signs emerge at every turn: Coca-cola sign, PlayStation Theatre, The Hard Rock Café New York…

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19. Comedy and Improv

In the country, you won’t find better stand-up comedy and improv scene than in New York City. To watch legendary comics go to the Comedy Cellar in the West Village. You can witness cast members perform improv of the “Saturday Night Live” as well in Chelsea at the Upright Citizens Brigade.

20. Must-See Chinatown

Manhattan’s Chinatown can boast one of the most crowded places dwelled by Chinese immigrants in the Americas, who started here a new life to realize their own American Dream. Here you can see with your own eyes a true New York story…
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And also stuff your bag with exotic goods and your mouth with dainties. Actually, if you like to feel the historical spirit and find something connected with books or movies, it’s the right site for you – the streets, once known as Five Points, are represented in Martin Scorsese’s film Gangs of New York. Perhaps the right point to begin the journey through the time is Chatham Square, at the eight NY confluent streets, the most important among which are Mott Street and the Bowery. A statue of Lin Zexu, who fought against illegal importation of opium by Britain, is located in the square as well. This place could symbolize the intersecting cultures of NYC.

21. Must-See Corona

Corona in Queens is a neighborhood full of contrasts – in people, wares, memories… The society here is a real striking mixture and an interesting object to see. The history of this place features such names as Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald and Malcolm X, who lived in the region. Louis Comfort Tiffany designed his stained glass.
Here you can literally taste different countries – with Italian mozzarella, Spanish empanadas, and sweet ices. Don’t worry about the calories, because you have a chance to get rid of them in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

22. Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Of course, you are waiting for something like “one of the best recreational sites in the city”… and so it is. The 7 train will bring you to the Flushing Meadows Corona Park, where you can find an Olympic-size swimming pool, pedal boat rentals, and an NHL-regulation ice rink. If you don’t want to spend time on the road book a hotel somewhere in Queens. Come out with good mood and convenient sneakers. To warm up, take a look at the Unisphere, the gigantic globe exposed at the 1964-65 World’s Fair, the icon of the event (now it functions as the icon of the borough).

23. Queens Museum

Train you mind as well as the body – drop in the Queens Museum for seeing the Panorama of the City of New York. It’s a model of five boroughs by Robert Moses, the copy of what existed in 1992. To tell the truth, several changes were added yet, for example, a mini model of Brooklyn Bridge Park or City Field instead of a Shea Stadium, and Battery Park City. It was created for the 1964 World’s Fair too and is the largest model of such kind in the world. The number of buildings is 895,000, among which the Empire State Building is just a foot or so tall. The construction was being created by 100 masters for nearly three years. The art shows, organized at the museum, is accompanied with a voice support. In 2013, the institution was doubled in size, with a huge new exhibition space, a museum shop, and a café. The above-mentioned Tiffany glasses form a collection, some of the most interesting examples of which are lamps and windows.
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The Queens Theatre nearby is the venue of holding festivals of Latino, African and Asian cultural arts. Perfect destinations for the family trip are the Queens Zoo, where you can look at bald eagles, pumas, and alligators, or the New York Hall of Science, with over 450 hands-on exhibitions. Original NASA rockets will increase the excitement.

24. Queens Zoo

Waiting for the next impressive score by Maria Sharapova or Serena Williams, you can make out the best of time and money when visiting the Queens Zoo between the matches of the U.S. Open.
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The prices are quite affordable to plan a family visit – $8 for adults and $5 for children.
The territory has 11 acres in size, where native American species dwell. You may meet giant rabbits, grown up to 26 pounds, bears, pronghorn, alligators, pumas, bison and bald eagles. The 1964 World’s Fair left a notable aviary, the bird residence of scarlet macaws. The farm allows feeding sheep, llamas and chickens.

25. New York Hall of Science

The world is developing, and some science news of today quickly becomes the museum items of yesterday.
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Still, it is fascinating to see those wonders of the epoch when space travels were just at the beginning. You can take part in modeling exhibitions by operations with light and shadow, experience stepping inside the hall of mirrors, try conquering a climbing wall (8 feet). You may have heard about such former sensations as a Möbius strip or a probability machine, and now it’s time to see it with your own eyes. Immense science-themed playground and its fog machines, seesaws and killer slides, located outside, is also worth to check out.

26. Louis Armstrong House Museum

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Between 1943 and 1971 Louis Armstrong lived in a simple house in Corona with his beloved Lucille. Now their home is a museum supported to honor and share the legacy of the jazz legend, which belongs to the world. A jazz collection inside the museum belongs to the largest existing; it comprises homemade recordings, letters, manuscripts, photos and the artist’s instruments. The house has preserved its look since the family lived there; it still has the same paintings and artwork, and a garden in the Japanese style behind the back. Every day on the hour, except Mondays and main holidays, you are able to join a guided tour. The special Armstrong’s day is on July 4 – his birthday when the museum is open despite everything.

27. Must-See Washington Square


Greenwich Village is the best place to introduce freshmen to the city life. The center of New York University’s campus, the neighborhood is pretty cozy and has generous greenery. Low, brown-bricked buildings evoke rather good feelings, unlike the anxieties and haste associated with super-modern, tall glassy giants. Despite this appearance, the Village life is intense and full of art events, to say nothing about 24-hour dining and shopping.
Maybe the most striking thing is local Halloween Parade, the unbelievable show.
Greenwich Village was the epicenter of hippie and Beat movements. The 1955 publication of The Village Voice, published until today, was highly characteristic for the place. They both still keep attractive, a bit dissident spirit.

28. Flushing, Queens

Asian people of Flushing possess the secrets of the authentic cuisine and herbal therapy. Only there you can find a rare Japanese comic book and visit some of the most entertaining New York attractions like sports venues, performances, and luscious gardens. Take the 7 train to the Flushing/Main St. and start your tour on diverse New York museums, reflecting so many ways of life and cultures. For example, Center…
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29. USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center

It won’t take much time to get to the true seventh heaven for true tennis lovers. Besides hosting the US Open, the venue also offers private and group lessons for 11 months a year, and anyone can come on each day of the week.

30. Queens Botanical Garden

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The eco face of NYC has embodied into the visitor’s center of the Garden. Its roof is green and covers 3,000 square feet. The heating and cooling system is based on geothermal principle.
Long-long ago, during the 1939-40 World’s Fair, the Garden was initiated as an exhibition. Now it has become a green paradise for those escaping the rumoring city and enjoying the blossoming plants like magnolia or cherry trees. Fragrance Walk (with aromatic shrubs and perennials), the Rose Garden (the flowers appear in the late May and last until October, though the most luxurious view is in June) and Perennial Garden are the crowns of the Queens Botanical Garden.

7 Useful TIPS to help you have fun and no troubles

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Even if usually you ignore planning trips, this time, the habit would be useful, because a large number of venues and events can make anyone get lost in “where-to-goes” and “how-to-gets”. We will assist you with this small additional advice to provide the best information about what may be needed.

1) Getting to the US Open:

First of all, you should understand how to get to the right point on the ground, no matter how you were getting to the country. We prepared some tips to guide you.

    • Ground transportation – Subway is the best way to get to any NYC destination. You will find the Shea Stadium/Willets Point station 5 minutes away from the Billie Jean Tennis Center. To avoid annoyance, you can use shuttles, taxi or bus, but it’s better not to take a car because of traffic jams and parking costs, though such way of moving is possible.
    • Airports – Among a number of airports the closest is La Guardia Airport. You can reach it driving 5 minutes from the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. JFK International Airport is 15 minutes away. The road to Newark (N.J.) Liberty International Airport will take 45 minutes. In local traveling, it’s more convenient to use Westchester Country Airport (approximately 40 minutes of driving).

2) Staying Here:

Problems with staying in NYC is hardly ever possible considering a large amount of hotels. Many of them in Queens send shuttles to the USTA Billie Jean King National Center during the championships. Take into consideration Manhattan’s hotels – they are not far from the 7 subway train, which is the best vary to use to reach the US Tennis Open (don’t forget – via the Mets/Willets Point stop).

3) Places to Eat

    • Not walking far you will be able to find some fine New York restaurants both in Flushing and at the US Open too. Take a note of these places:

Aces – Excellent seafood, wine, and a sushi bar make it one of the favorite places. It is located on the territory of the Billie Jean Tennis Center. Better have a reservation during the tournament.
Champions Bar & Grill – Taste some fine steak, seafood, and wine in a pleasant posh club atmosphere. It’s better to make reservations as well.
Mojito Restaurant & Bar – Searching for Latino cuisine should lead you to this restaurant with Cuban styled food. Don’t miss a sip of delicious mojito celebrating the after-match contentment.

Patio Café& Bar– To enjoy the outdoor environment outside the tennis club choose this nice café and taste cocktails, as they are their summer specialty. Add a couple of seasonal sandwiches and salads to feel the summer better.
The US Open Club – located at Arthur Ashe Stadium on the ground floor. All Subscription Series ticket holders are permitted during the tournament after paying a symbolic entrance fee. The club is included for Silver Loge Box seat holders. Restaurant passes are required*. In order to purchase passes, please visit the US Open Box Office.
* Please consider that food and beverage are not included when you purchase restaurant passes. A cost of book will change according to your plan.
Heineken Red Star Café – To enjoy the landscape as well as the food, climb up to the spot near the South Plaza Fountains and order a beer with something tasty and juicy of German cuisine!
US Open Food Village – They provide really good options from all over the world and serves to supply fans with food depending on their tastes – Mexican, Indian, American and some more. The prices are reasonable, and surely you will find the proper combination of price/taste.

    • Outside the tennis grounds, Moving some distance away from the tournament spot you will find several wonderful establishments to have a pleasant dinner. The local favorites of Flushing are here:

Mapo BBQ – Korean food does attract – for instance, a kalbi. After tasting it you are very likely to become a frequent visitor!
PioPio – Pollos a la Brasas… Do you feel the Peruvian taste on the tip of your tongue? Plunge into South American culture.
Joe’s Shanghai – Once you are at the US Open, you should try the soup dumplings of crab or pork meat served by Joe. The reputation of its place speaks of itself. A favorite place for New Yorkers waits for you
Curry Leaves Malaysian – Malaysian cuisine is a special one, particularly on the spot. It is cheap, and it is delicious – why not to try!
us tennis open
Toro Restaurant & Bar – Out Arthur Ashe Stadium, just west of the Octagon, there is a new establishment, where Ken Oringer, James Beard Award winner, and Jamie Bissonnette are working on the wide-ranging menu. There, the experiments with regional Spanish flavors and local fresh ingredients result in something incredible.

    • To grab and go…

Even more regional cuisine and specialty items at the US Open Food Village:

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop, Curry Kitchen, Farm 2 Fork, Franks & Fries, Hill Country BBQ, Korilla BBQ , BLT Fish Shack , Neapolitan Express , Prime Burger, Village Market, Angry Taco, Glatt Kosher, Grey Goose Bar, Jacob’s Creek Wine Bar, Lavazza Café, Fuku , Crepe Express
Court 12
Morris Grilled Cheese, Carnegie Deli, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop, SoomSoom Vegetarian & Mediterranean Bar
South Plaza
Pat LaFrieda Meat Co, Wine Bar Food, Grandstand Food Village,Farm 2 Fork, Franks & Fries, BLT Fish Shack, Oyster Bar 7, Hill Country BBQ, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop, Neapolitan Express, Prime Burger, Grey Goose Bar

4) Where to drink

Some favorite bars not to suffer from thirst:
us tennis open
Grey Goose Bar – A real must-try for the US Open fans, considering its location inside the food village, and including the US Open signature cocktail, called the Grey Goose Honey Deuce.
Baseline Cocktails – To get the right atmosphere in the right place – close to the center of the action – get right in front of the Arthur Ashe stadium and order a favorite cocktail.
Moet &Chandon Terrace – A full-service bar that features Moet &Chandon Champagne, this is one of the finest bars to take a drink at the US Open with a luxurious outdoor lounge. Where could you taste Moet & Chandon Champagne during the tournament, if not here, at one of the most splendid bars?

5) Community Day

On September 8, when Community Day is celebrated, visitors are admitted free for doubles matches, family entertainment and so on.

6)City for walk-lovers

New York has something in common with Paris and London: it’s a walking city. Don’t forget to purchase a good pair of comfortable shoes, if you haven’t got any!

New York City captures by lots of possibilities and they are worth checking out for sure, but sometimes is nothing better than unbend and enjoy the greatest performances of tennis players you could ever see in the World.
Do you feel like getting to know more interesting facts about the US Open? Then welcome here.

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