A Historic Roger Federer’s Withdrawal from Roland Garros 2016. Read and share on FB. It’s fun!)

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A Historic Roger Federer’s Withdrawal from Roland Garros 2016. Read and share on FB. It’s fun!)
    Unfortunately for the fans and himself, Roger Federer had to withdraw from the second Grand Slam event of the season. Although the Swiss had played a record 65 consecutive Majors, since the 2000 Australian Open.

    Through his Facebook Page the World No. 3 Roger Federer has announced he will not play Roland Garros 2016. “This decision can extend my career”, that is how Federer turns his focus and attention to upcoming grass season.

    Roger Federer

    As a result of Roger Federer’s absence, Rafael Nadal becomes the fourth seed and can’t meet Novak Djokovic until the semis at earliest.

    Roger Federer’s “I’ll be back” inspiring twit

    Roger Federer confirmed his desire to comeback to Roland Garros by Twitter.
    Without hesitation we can point that Roger’s sense of humor is not gone, if we are to judge by his latest tweet. The Swiss Maestro decided to share a GIF on which he sends clear message which goes by, “I’ll be back”.

    The top-ranked players in the world Novak Djokovic , Andy Murray and Serena Williams shared their thoughts about Roger Federer´s withdrawal in Paris:

  • ‘It’s definitely a loss for the tournament,’ said Novak Djokovic. ‘We’re not used to seeing Roger skipping Grand Slams, seeing that he hasn’t missed one for 60-plus times. But obviously the nature of his injury is not light, and it kept him off this tournament that I’m sure that if there was any chance he could play he would participate. But even without him the tournament is going to be played, and I’m sure it’s going to be an exciting one.’
  • Serena Williams is impressed by how many Slams Federer has played in a row. She said, ‘I think he plays most slams. 65 in a row? That’s a lot. I don’t know. I think it’s just pretty awesome, but it means he cares about his future and the Olympics this year and Wimbledon and US Open. He probably wants to give himself the best chance. It’s a shame not to see him in the draw. He’s always such a staple.’
  • ‘It will be the first Grand Slam of my career without Roger Federer,’ Andy Murray said to Le Parisien, ‘For the fans and for the tournament it’s a big loss. Roger is a person that carries the sport. Unfortunately I know what it means to have back issues, so i understand perfectly what he is going through. I realize here the conditions are not much favourable to him, and he would have only suffered even more. I hope to see him in the best shape at Wimbledon, he is a very important person for tennis.’
  • Roger Federer: “When I look back on my Roland Garros win, I still get emotional”

    In an interview released to the Roland Garros Youtube Channel, Roger Federer spoke about the only title won in this event, in 2009, when he beat the Swedish Robin Soderling in the final achieving the Career Grand Slam.

    ‘I think it was the definitely the hardest to win, I think the others to some extent came too fast, too easy. For The French Open I had to wait until 2009, I tried to reinvent myself on clay a few times’ – Roger said.

    ‘Having the best clay-court player ever made the thing extremely complicated for many players, not just for me, to win the French Open. To win was epic for me, it’s one of my favourite moments to look back on.’

    ‘I wanted it so badly, the crowd pushed me and when I see the moment where I fall to my knees, I still get emotional today when I watch it.’

    Roger Federer hands over the Trophy!

    As far as Roger Federer went back to Switzerland from Paris, that allowed the top tennis player to watch and celebrate his home team, FC Basel’s triumph in the Swiss league in the last match of the year. Federer was also on the court to hand over the trophy!

    Crazy Twitter #LastTimeFedererMissedASlam

    From Sampras, who was the world no. 1 to the 13-year old Rafael Nadal, tennis was different when Roger Federer missed playing a Grand Slam before.

    It didn’t take long for Twitter users to come up with a hashtag to sum up Roger Federer’s withdrawal from this year’s French Open.

    The hashtag #LastTimeFedererMissedASlam became the most popular hashtag, after Roger announced his withdrawal from Roland Garros with a back injury. The last time Federer missed a slam was in 1999, in the last century, at the US Open and since then he had played all the Slams from the 2000 Australian Open to the 2016 Australian Open.

    Here are some interesting tweets about how tennis and tennis players were when Federer last missed a slam:

  • In 1999 casting for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone began:
  • One of the first Macs:
  • Nadal was a 13- year-old:
  • These songs were at the top of the charts in the United Kingdom:
  • Steffi Graf had just retired, Serena Williams had won her first Grand Slam title at the US Open. Taylor Fritz, the current world no. 72, was just one-year old, Pete Sampras was the world no. 1:
  • But it was Mardy Fish, who wrote the tweet of the year:

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