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We often see celebrities attending tennis matches all over the world🌎, and we’re not surprised; they ❤️ tennis just as much as we do😇. Some of the world’s most popular ⭐️s of stage, screen, music, other sports or even business and politics are big fans of Tennis, either regularly attending the tournaments or taking to the courts themselves😱. Here is a list of these well-known notables:

Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Muscle-bound movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger likes to play tennis. Despite he is a strict father, he likes to play with his children. More of that, he and his wife Maria met each other in 1977 at New York’s Robert F. Kennedy Tennis Tournament. Maria says, “We asked him to Hyannis Port that weekend as a joke, kind of. He came.”
  • Arnold Schwarznegger

    Kate Middleton and Prince William

  • Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, who have played tennis opposite each other since early in their courtship at the University of St. Andrews, currently are one step closer to building their dream tennis court.
  • Kate Middleton Prince Williams

  • The sporty royal couple, who chose the royal box at Wimbledon for their first public date after the birth of Princess Charlotte, want to upgrade the tennis court at their country home, Anmer Hall. According to the planning application, the new court will be made of AstroTurf and bordered by copper beach hedge, with new oak trees proposed to be planted nearby. The new court will replace an older one that needs to be completely resurfaced.
  • Kate Middleton Prince William

  • Both of them are very competitive tennis players. Kate claims to be “slightly out of practice” at tennis since giving birth to son Prince George but says that she and husband Prince William are still quite “even” on the court.
  • Marilyn Monroe

    Marilyn Monroe does tennis

  • Actress Marilyn Monroe with wooden racket racquet on tennis court at the Town House Hotel, 1948
  • Charlie Chaplin & Sergei Eisenstein

  • In 1930, Charlie Chaplin & Sergei Eisenstein got together to “play” tennis, literally. Eisenstein spent considerable time with Charlie Chaplin, who recommended that Eisenstein meets with a sympathetic benefactor in the person of American socialist author Upton Sinclair, who would later arrange for Eisenstein to go to Mexico.
  • Charlie-Chaplin-Sergei-Eisenstein-“playing”-tennis photo

    Lars Ulrich

  • Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich is the son of a professional tennis player, Torben Ulrich. Torben reached the fourth round of the U.S. Open, the third round of Wimbledon and played more than 100 Davis Cup ties for Denmark. More of that ha was a talented musician, so it was he who set love to music to little Ulrich. But anyway, Ulrich’s education was concentrated only on sport. He moved to the US to train and to play tennis. He’s a former national top junior player (in Denmark ).But his passion for music turned out to be stronger and he ended up drumming and cofounding Metallica.
  • Lars Ulrich

    Paris Hilton

  • Beyond yoga and visiting fitness clubs, Paris Hilton is fond of tennis. She enjoys leisurely afternoon tennis games at courts near her Beverly Hills home. The 30-year-old heiress likes to wear all white outfit which includes a short white tennis skirt and a white T-shirt. She also has a baby pink and white Wilson tennis racquet which she clear knows how to use.
  • paris hilton

    Ellen Roosevelt

  • Ellen Roosevelt, first cousin of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and 1890 U.S. National Singles & Doubles Champion, was inducted into Tennis Hall of Fame in 1975.
  • Ellen Roosevelt

    Dustin Hoffman

  • Dustin Hoffman is a legendary tennis player. Tennis is what he is doing all his life.Tennis is what he did in high school [in Los Angeles] because of the lack of stature. That was the sport open to him.
    Every morning when he is not working he plays tennis.
    He used to serve and volley, but in 2004-2005 he stopped doing that, like the pros.
  • dustin-hoffman-theredlist

  • Andre Agassi once practiced on his court before the French Open because Dustin has a clay court. Then he got knocked out in the first round. Andre has not spoken to him since.
  • dustin_hoffman_2000_10_24

  • The best player he’s played against was Mark Philippoussis. In front of 8,000 people at the Mercedes-Benz Cup in L.A., Dustin returned a 127-mph serve from Mark Philippoussis. And he won the point. His wife once gave him the best tennis he has received. It was a birthday gift for Jimmy Connors to come over and play with him.
  • Dustin Hoffman

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    To be continued…

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