7 Facts about Karolina Pliskova

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7 Facts about Karolina Pliskova

Karolina Pliskova Tennis Player

  • Fact-quote: “The first time I realized the good in tennis,perhaps,was when my sister Kristyna and I were a little younger, we both won the titles of Grand Slam(Karolina – Australian Open-2010, and Kristyna – Wimbledon -2010 – Note “Championship”). It was a move that meant a lot to us.”
  • Fact on juniors “Juniors is a totally different competition so it was a little bit tough to come through after that knowing that you are a good junior, getting into the women’s game. Because no one cares that you won Melbourne, or that my sister won Wimbledon.
  • Fact about America“Probably America hates me because I beat both Williams sisters. For the crowd, it’s probably not the best I beat them in their country, but for me, it’s really something special.
  • Fact-quote about Pliskova from Jan Novotny (winner of Wimbledon 1998): “I think she has the image of a cool girl. She is not so talkative, not particularly emotional, sometimes you just can not understand what she is thinking, but it is, by the way, good for tennis. And when she hits the ball – it’s deadly”.
  • Fact about her sisterThey are congratulating Kristyna if I win, and that’s not a really nice feeling. She’s losing, and I’m winning, and they say congrats to her. It’s tough, but it will be fine.
  • Fact about FederationThe Czech Federation doesn’t have anything to do our support. It’s more private clubs. I have my own coach, Petra Kvitova has her own coach, Lucie Safarova has a coach from Canada, Barbora Strycova has a coach from France. So it’s not even like we have such good coaches in Czech Republic, but of course we do. It’s just amazing what the Czech girls are doing right now.
  • Fact about Czech women All of the top Czech women have a good head for tennis. We can win tough matches. Maybe that’s the Czech personality? I really don’t know. If I knew I would tell you.
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