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Agnieszka Radwanska : Top Secret Rules of Life – TENNISMOOD

Agnieszka Radwanska Tennis Player: Best Quotes & Rules of Life

View our List of Top Secret Rules of Life of Agnieszka Radwanska Tennis Player ranked №3: most important things in sport, mistakes, favorite exercise, meal habits and a lot of other intriquing rules of her life and career…

  • You learn most from your own mistakes. You’re not getting any younger, so every match costs you more than before. Things are different compared to when you are 20 years old.
  • As you’re getting older you really need to think about your schedule. You need to make sure that you’re going to be able to handle it and you’re not going to break down after three or four months. Because that actually is what happened to me. In practice I was OK. I played well in practice and nothing was wrong, but I just couldn’t do it during the matches.
  • To win the Mixed Doubles is definitely one of my goals.
  • I can’t do any worse than at the last Olympic Games, just better.
  • When I’m playing a more powerful opponent, I try to use the pace of the opponent’s ball rather than generate my own. If Serena is serving, I just hold the racket as tight as I can so it doesn’t fly away!
  • Shopping, getting a massage, and watching TV and movies are pretty high on my agenda. You can’t beat a good “24” session with Jack Bauer. This is my day off from tennis after a tournament.
  • I prefer to eat right before the match, unlike most players, who eat at least two hours before that. My usual routine is a plate of pasta 30 minutes before I’m due to go on court. If I don’t, I end up starving midmatch. That habit dates back to when my dad used to pick me up from school and drive me straight to matches. We had no time for dinner, so I had to stuff myself in the car.
  • My day is always so busy, but in the evening, I try to go out to the cinema or bowling just to forget about tennis for a time.
  • That’s just the most important thing in sport – not to do too much.
  • Running along the river in Krakow with my sister (WTA player Urszula Radwanska) is my favorite training. Running can be quite tedious, so running with Ula makes it much more fun. We definitely motivate and spur each other on. When I’m hurting and tired, it’s good to know she’s in the same boat, so we can keep going together.
  • Top-sandwich would be my choice even during the night if I am really exhausted. I’m very easy with that. And if I played like three hours and I really need some chocolate I would order some cake or cheesecake.
  • I am always on “What’s up” when I’m on the road. Even my boyfriend tells me that it is ridiculous. How I can always be “What’s up” whole day? I’m a Facebook person, Twitter. You know, every hour saying where you are, what you do! I like privacy, but if you travel for 10 months, it is hard not to be in tough.
  • I always take some vacation with my best friends, play exhibitions, and then just train at home. The winter is minus 20 degrees, but I just love being home and I can’t imagine practicing anywhere else, even if there were better facilities elsewhere.
  • The mental side of tennis makes up a large part of success or failure. You can see how physical some of the girls are today. It’s no secret that I’m not as strong and powerful as some of the girls in the top five, but I try to stay lean and make up for it with creativity on the court. Creative tennis comes naturally to me; you can’t really practice or learn it.
  • Agnieszka Radwanska tennis Roger Federer

  • I’m really close to No. 1, so now it is my goal to be No. 1. I think this is a dream for every player, so I’m going to do everything in my power to do that.
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