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Albert Ramos-Vinolas: Rules of life – Tennismood

Albert Ramos-Vinolas’ Quotes

  • I really want to improve all the things in my game. I’m working hard day by day and focusing only on my next match, without thinking of any concrete goals. I want to keep learning, and that will make me a better player, and the ranking will improve without me noticing.
  • The truth is that it was really important for me to play at home with my family and all the public behind me. It made me understand that I am not that far away from the top players. Now I know I can beat them. I didn’t know for example I could beat Hanescu without the experience made in Barcelona.
  • I did improve a lot physically. I have worked really hard for a long period of time. That let me improve my game and I think this is also why I feel much stronger and more confident in myself.
  • Being a left-hander helps a lot — players are not used to playing against us—I also don’t like to play against left-handers. Of course you don’t win matches because of being left-handed. You have to take advantage of being a left-hander, and develop your weapons and get your opponents into trouble.
  • I would like to improve my offensive game, my net game, and my serve. This is my next step.
  • One of the things I haven’t been doing well is playing with players from other countries. I have been practicing almost exclusively with Spanish players, and that doesn’t help me to develop all the aspects of my game. I need to practice with different kind of players, playing all sorts of style.
  • If I could win any title I chose, it would be the US Open. I like New York a lot, [and] it would give me immense satisfaction to win a title there.
  • Lucky because I grew up in a tennis club Mataro that formed many great professionals. There played: Tomas Carbonell, David De Miguel, Jurdi Burillo, Julian Alonso, and Juan Ignacio Carrasco. Having them in my club while growing up made me wish to play this sport. They were a great example for me.
  • I would change the distribution of the money among the players. I believe that challenger players should be able to play at least without losing money. If you want to travel with a coach, you need to be top 150 in the world, otherwise you will lose money. I think it is crazy. Everyone knows that the money is generated by the top 20 players. But you must not forget that they are important only because of the great amount of players that play this game around the world.
  • Hope I can inspire some people too because that’s really one of the biggest reasons why I play for the kids growing up, for the people from Charleston. I want to be a good role model. Hopefully I am.
  • Albert Ramos-Vinolas with girlfriend

  • I have been working very hard for long time, trying to find the way to win more matches. I think this year here I’m saying that maybe the work I did, it’s working on now.
  • It’s normal that all the fans cheered loudly for Roger. I think he’s maybe the best of the history now in this moment. I think it’s normal. I didn’t have anything to say about it. If I was in the crowd, I think will did the same because it’s very good player. When I see him playing, I enjoy him a lot.
  • Usually, after the match I have a lot of calls. I speak with my girlfriend, my father, my mother, my fitness coach, my other coach who is traveling when Jose is not coming. Afer that I try to answer all the messages.
  • During the match all my family is watching TV. Albert Ramos-Vinolas quotes that his father stops the work because he is very nervous and his mother is also at home running around the home alone.
  • I played every ball with a reason. I’ve been working hard for a long time trying to find the way to win more matches. I feel like this year I finally found the way. It’s like a present for me, because I didn’t expect this.
  • Recently I understood one important thing. If you don´t play with focus 100 per cent of the time, you won´t beat anybody. I thought that it was normal to lose my concentration when I was serving for my first title. I am very happy because I recovered well and I came back to win the next game.
  • It felt fantastic to take my first title. When I received the trophy from Swedish great Bjorn Borg I felt much more confident. And I really needed that. I thought I’d never have a chance to win a tournament because I’ve played badly before.
  • When lose I have a lot of emotions. The best way to overcome is to stay alone for some time. Then I think about my game and see my mistakes. I practice a lot to fix them. And another tournament is just another opportunity for me to fight.
  • Sometimes I thought I would never have another chance to win a tournament after Casablanca. But I am playing good tennis this year and I am working hard. I will keep working to have other chances.
  • I like to talk with my little fans and to sign an autograph for them. I just look at them and remember myself at that age. At bout 7 I would be absolutely happy to see and to have an autograph from a real tennis player. I like to inspire them.
  • I try never look back after racing into a 4-1 lead in the opening set courtesy of breaks in the third and fifth games.
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