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Alizé Cornet: RULES OF LIFE- Tennismood

Alizé Cornet’s Quotes

  • Everybody has his own way. There is no ideal situation. You’re doing your own way, each of us, and you have to try to keep focused on your game, on your tennis, and that’s the key.
  • I live, eat and sleep tennis! I’m not going to read about it!
  • It’s not better to do step by step or to go too fast or whatever. The main thing is that when you arrive and when you have the chance to be in the top 20, just don’t let it go.
  • Now I’m like more mature, and I have more experience, so my tennis is different. It’s even better than before, but now I’m more playing with my experience and it’s completely different career for me.
  • A little bit of luck never killed anybody! Sometimes in a tournament you need a little bit of luck and you have to take advantage of it.
  • I want to be better, and so I have a lot of things to work still. I try to have always the same schema of game like playing a lot with my forehand, trying to do topspin, playing flat in backhand.
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  • When you’re young and you’re famous, you want to go around and celebrate outside the tennis. You have to know what you want.
  • Time goes fast, and I want to enjoy every tournament I’m playing, even though it’s not easy all the time. But we have a great life, and that’s why I’m happy that I could come back like since two years, because now I have a lot of years coming and coming up, and hopefully I will stay at this level.
  • (My goal) is to play as many matches as I can, just staying healthy and to have fun on the court. When I have fun on the court? That is when I play my best tennis.
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  • I’m a fighter, I’m a worker, and I’m doing that every day.
  • I doubt a lot of times, but I still kept working, because I knew I could do it (playing tennis).
  • Career is very long and there are a lot of up and downs. You have to try to hang on and try to stick to your dreams and to your passion for the game.
  • If I could be any tennis player, I would be Roger (Federer).
  • The best years are coming now and I can enjoy it maybe better now than when I was a teenager.
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