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Anastasija Sevastova: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Anastasija Sevastova’s Quotes

  • A lot of people are trying to come back, and sometimes it doesn’t work out. That’s why I wanted to start from the beginning, from the easiest, the lower future level.
  • Nobody thinks about the previous match. You have to think forward. We can enjoy it today, but tomorrow is a new day. There are other matches.
  • The best part’s (when you are not playing) you’re staying in one place. You’re at home. You can meet friends. You can do normal stuff. You are not traveling that much, but you still have more time for everything, for family, for boyfriend, studying, just enjoying.
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  • There are good things in every job.
  • You only live once. During the first year off tennis I had not thought of restarting my career. But my injuries and health improved a lot during the last year as I was taking more intense care of me. So after considering everything I wanted to try again. It was exciting to being back on court again. For sure, I was quite nervous in the first match, but then I enjoyed every next minute.
  • My back injury is better, but I really have to take care and do exercises, undergo massages and stretch. If I don’t do it I have pain. But everything is under control right now. Elbow injury, or rather arm muscle, needs the same exercises and taking care.
  • Everybody loves winning. I remember that everything happened so quickly and suddenly (about her win in Estoril 2010). I was standing there with the trophy. I thought then I had not appreciated that achievement that much. Right now I want to enjoy every minute on the court, do my best and I see how it goes.
  • I’m not a person that likes to retire during a match, so I just try my best.
  • It was tough (about her injury) because tennis was all I had. But the decision was right at the time, so I lived a normal life. I started studying a bit, coaching some tennis classes, meeting my friends. Now I can say that tennis is not everything in my life and there are other, more significant things than that.
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  • In Latvia, when you lose, everybody says you’re so bad. When you win, everybody says you’re so good. I don’t know why it’s like that. Maybe because we live next to a big country, Russia, but we are a small country. We are a fierce country. And we try to do our best.
  • I go on the court more relaxed than before. There’s another life after tennis, and I know that. You try to think about this every time, but it doesn’t work every time. There are some matches when you don’t feel comfortable, and you have to accept this.
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  • In women’s tennis, everybody can beat everybody on their day.
  • I’m playing better in my second career. I didn’t expect to be here at this point of my life after retiring. I still can’t believe it. Mentally I’m spent. Totally spent.
  • I’ve seen that there’s life after tennis. That if you lose a match, it’s not the end of the world. That the world does not collapse.
  • There are good days and bad days, but more good days. It’s complicated, but you have to keep private away from tennis, and work that out. I think we are working that out pretty well.
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