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Andrey Kuznetsov: RULES OF LIFE- Tennismood

Andrey Kuznetsov’s Quotes

  • I managed to keep concentration throughout the match. And we will all be happy to play for our country in the World Group next year
  • It was the biggest win in my career (he won the Wimbledon junior title in 2009). I thought I would be nervous, especially at the end of the match. I don’t know why but I was pretty calm.
  • I haven’t got any perfect shot but I’m regularly working on my technique.
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  • I expect to participate in the London Olympic Games. I’ll try to finish in top fifty tennis players and then there will be no point in playing in the ATP Challenger Tours (ATP Challenger Tours are for young tennis players).
  • If I don’t succeed I’ll gladly visit Kazan once again to particiapate in such a tournament. I need to upgrade my rating score, why not to do it in Russia? And why not to take part in the Universiade? I’d be only happy!
  • If I am asked where I am from, I say that I was born in Tula and I lived there for 12 years. But now, my home is the place where my family is. When I spend a lot of time in the tournament, I miss home.
  • Most tennis players enjoyed significant gains in 21. Del Potro from Argentina, for instance, won the Grand Slam Tournament in 21. You need to work hard to succeed.
  • I’m lucky that I have my father as a coach. I don’t have to pay huge money for tennis education which is a certain obstacle at the initial stage. Yet before the tournaments we move abroad to get a better conditioning training. My dad had coached two masters of sports, they don’t play now but they practice coaching themselves. However there are enough talented young sportsmen that have achieved a certain level of success starting and continuing their tennis careers in Russia.
  • Despite the fact that I lost, this match (with Rafael Nadal) gave me a lot. For example, it is the belief that I can play with the top tennis players. The main thing is to properly build my own calendar to not be overloaded.
  • I am very pleased to be adding IMG to my team. Although, I am just beginning my career, IMG can help me obtain my future aspirations of winning a Grand Slam singles title.
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