Andy Murray: It was a tough match to lose, especially after leading 4-1.

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Andy Murray: It was a tough match to lose, especially after leading 4-1.

It was clear already in his match with Granollers that Andy Murray is not at his best here in Indian Wells, and it was confirmed today, after his early exit from the tournament. In the longest match of the Monday’s program, Federico Delbonis took down Murray 6-4 4-6 7-6(3) in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Murray didn’t hit an ace in entire match, and like usual he struggled on his second serve. Despite all that, he had a nice chance to win the match, leading 4-1 in the third set, but it just wasn’t to be for him today.

After the match Andy talked about the conditions on the court, match itself and of course about the family whom he will see in Miami in few days time:

“Conditions were a bit easier than the other day. You know, similar to how it always is. It was pretty lively. Balls bouncing very high. Yeah, obviously a tough one to lose in the end, having, you know, kind of fought hard to get myself in a winning position you know, 4-1-up. The 4-2 game that I got broken was a tough one in the third set. I was up 30-Love in the game and had a few volleys in that game. You know, he came out with some good passing shots. I could have done a bit more with the volleys maybe. But, yeah, I didn’t play a great tiebreak. That was disappointing. Obviously he had the chance to serve it out, and then I got back in there and didn’t play a great breaker.”

“But like I said, I got into winning position and didn’t take it. I think, you know, one of the reasons for that is because I didn’t serve like I should serve. I served pretty much — I would say my average first serve speed would have been 100, 105 miles an hour. I served no aces until 2 hours 45 minutes. You know, I obviously have the capability to serve 135 miles an hour, but, you know, just didn’t feel comfortable going for my serve. I felt like every time I went for it I missed it. I didn’t have control on that shot at all. You know, that would have been the part of the game that I could have done significantly better, in my opinion.”

andy murray masters indian wellsAndy also mentioned the good and bad decisions he made during the match:

“I made adjustments. For one, I stopped going for my first serve. You know, I tried to get a higher percentage of first serves in, which maybe was not the best decision. I did manage to get myself into a winning position. Also I started returning from way further back. First couple of sets I was standing quite close in, was struggling a bit on the return, but I made an adjustment there and started returning much further back on the first and second serve, and that helped a bit. I started to return a bit better. But, yeah, I would say those were the two adjustments I made throughout the match. I think with the return it worked; serve didn’t work so much.”

He praised Federico’s game, saying how he expected tough and even fight:

“I think he moved better than what I thought. I found it difficult to hit many winners, you know, and a lot of times I felt like I was hitting good shots and he was tracking them down and defending well. But I knew that he liked these conditions. Obviously the ball bounces up high like on the clay courts and it’s lively, so when you play with heavy topspin, you know, it suits that style a bit here. And, yeah, but, no, I expected him to be tough, for sure. But, yeah, he moved better than maybe what I expected.”

Andy has finished the press conference with words about his family and upcoming Masters in Miami, where he will try to do much better than in the desert:

andy murray masters indian wells“I will see Kim and the baby in a couple of days, which, yeah, will be nice. Go back to Miami, which is, you know, a place that I’m very familiar with and I feel comfortable there. Actually haven’t been back since the tournament last year, which is the longest I haven’t been there for about nine or ten years maybe, since I started using that as a training block for myself. So, yeah, it will be nice to get to Miami and see my family. Yeah, hopefully — you know, I’m not necessarily concerned about how I’m playing. I do think I will play better tennis in Miami because I played some good stuff in the Davis Cup. You know, I did a lot of good training. Played long matches in the Davis Cup and here. Yeah, hopefully Miami will be a bit better. I look forward to seeing my family.”

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