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Andy Murray: Rules of Life – Tennismood

Andy Murray’s Quotes

  • My family will be always in priority, on the first place for me. I want to try to become a good father and husband. That is why I always find time for my wife and daughter.
  • I am fond of travelling and visiting different countries. This is the best part of the professional tennis-player career. Already at the age of 11 I played in tournaments in Italy, France and USA.
  • To tell the truth, I still haven’t seen any of the matches with my brother Jamie. I try not to watch them, because I worry too much.
  • I was 4-year-old boy when I made my first step on the court. I did it with my mom and brother. It was for the first time I took the racket in my arms and my mother showed us a variety of exercises.
  • I’m really very proud of my brother Jamie. He already performs at a high level.
  • It’s very important to maintain young British businessmen. Especially, in the most actual spheres. I hope my contribution will help to make their dreams come true.
  • When I was a kid, my idol was Andre Agassi. He played on a very high level and his behavior was so amazing. I’ve always been much attracted by his image.
  • Some years ago I thought that my career would be finished at the age of about 30-31, as for the majority of the players of the Tour. However, everything changed fundamentally. The people, who surround me, make me feel and think that actually I can play tennis for at least 6-7 years more. Anyway, I’ll continue playing until my body condition let me do that.
  • I still enjoy playing, I like practicing tennis and travelling all around the world.
  • I’ve also never liked it when I’m watching a big match and a player wins but doesn’t shake hands with the opponent.
  • To play in a team with my brother Jamie is always a different feeling. Especially, when we represent Great Britain on a team tournament.
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  • The important part of the player’s work to keep a close watch on everything that gets into your body. You have to check everything on your own, to be sure you won’t do anything wrong. Nevertheless, some people trust their team and don’t know what to do on their own.
  • Earlier it happened that I didn’t see my wife Kim for 3-4 weeks, but currently I try to prevent such situation.
  • The payment on the combined tournaments has to be equal.
  • When I was 7, I took part in my first tournament.
  • I don’t like when everyone jumps on me because I get a bit claustrophobic.
  • It was an incredible moment for me to win my first clay court Masters 1000 here, at the Mutua Madrid Open in 2015 and I hope I am able to do it again.
  • The only time I get nervous, is watching a really big fight or when my brother is playing. I get to the stage where I’m actually shaking.
  • That’s very important for me to try to make the most of good practices against the best players, such as Djokovic and Nadal when I’m at the events.As far as I don’t have such an opportunitywhen I’m at home.
  • I expect to play better than I did in the past. I don’t see any reason why I can’t maintain that level and give myself a chance in the next few events, obviously with the French Open being the big one at the end of this stretch. I feel good about that.
  • I don’t like wasting my time.
  • To become the leader, you have to demonstrate the high results all the time. That is why I try to be totally concentrated on every tournament, I involved in.
  • Fatherhood has a positive impact on my tennis. I want my daughter to be proud of her dad when she grows up and sees what I did. This makes me strive for better results.
  • Amélie Mauresmo started with me at a tough time when I just dropped out of the top 10. I had my back surgery at the end of the previous year and it was a tough road back. But from №11, with her I managed to get up to № 2 and challenge for slams again.
  • Amélie spends a lot of time with me since becoming a mother and that continuity helps.
  • The boxers’ risk in the ring attracts me real and real much. I want to see a knockout but I also really don’t want to see people get hurt. This is constant dilemma when I’m watching boxing.
  • I find that amazing and strange at the same time, that at the end of the boxing, the boxers respect each other. They can put themselves through so much pain and then, at the final bell, they show such respect.
  • What I learned from a great figure in sport, Sir Alex Ferguson, it is the rule of three Cs … consistency, concentration and confidence.
  • The birth of my daughter Sofia wasn’t the way I thought it must be. Of course it’s a fantastic experience, but it was tough to see how difficult it was for my wife. It’s almost opposite to the movies, where you can observe just happiness on faces and all the rest is behind the scene.
  • That would be great to reach the top of the world rating. That was my childhood dream. I’d like to become the first at singles. However, this is not the main goal for me.
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