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Barbora Strycova: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Barbora Strycova’s Quotes

  • Tennis is moving forward very quickly in a direction of playing with power. I don’t have that, so I have to work on what I have and to use all my plans A, B and C. Maybe it is a little bit sad because some years ago people could enjoy tennis more as there were more variations.
  • I always struggle around Paris time.
  • Showing your emotions — doesn’t matter if it’s happiness or malice — it costs you energy. You have to keep that energy; I have to do that as much as I can and sometimes I fail to do that. Also off the court, I talk to everyone, which is nice but sometimes I need to keep my energy for me and sometimes it’s not easy.
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  • I’m working more on focusing what I can do and what I can do better and not on the things I can’t change.
  • I already played the Olympics in Athens but I was 17 and I was a baby, so I want to do it again.
  • I’m going to a spa in Austria every year.
  • There are not many players who play the way I do on tour. I have plans A, B and C; I can go to the net, I can stay at the back… — but on the other hand, the game has become so powerful now that I have to be really fit to play good tennis. It’s not easy to keep it up all the time and sometimes I get tired…It’s very physical.
  • The older I get, I think I enjoy the game even more.
  • I am not sure of how many years I will continue to play, but after tennis I want to settle down and do things I could not do during my career. I would like to stay in tennis for sure and also I would like to have a coffee shop, it is my dream.
  • If I have a match, I have a good breakfast and then I prepare myself, like warm up my body and hit some balls with my coach. Then I listen to some strategies and go playing my match. After that it’s also important to save energy. So that is a match day. If I don’t have a match, usually I practice like 2 hours and do some yoga sometimes.
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  • I try to be better every day in little things which at the end are the big ones. I am not sure, maybe I know more what I need now and I’m working for it. I am more mature and also more experienced, so maybe that is why I get a little bit better.
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