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Belinda Bencic: Rules of Life – TENNISMOOD

Belinda Bencic Tennis Player: Rules of Life, Best Quotes & Useful Tips

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  • It’s a pretty good life, right? I take life as it is. I realize it every day. I’m really happy right now.
  • My recent results don’t make me see myself differently. I’m still a normal girl who plays tennis. I’m just taking it easy.
  • The most important thing is concentration on the game. People of course will put high expectations on my play, but I still have to play on the court. So I try to ignore that and to show my skills on practice court and match court.
  • I’m always in a good mood, happy to be around the players, to practice with my good friends Kiki (Kristina Mladenovic) and Karolina (Pliskova).
  • To play the matches is amazing. I feel motivated. It’s very good, for sure better than being at home alone and having a tough time.
  • I like to take risks, to play and to laugh at myself. Once on Maldives I had an idea to make a funny bet because I was winning in a card game but then suddenly I lost and I had to go to the restaurant in a dress and in a diving flippers and eat. The people in the restaurant were like ‘what…?
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  • Of course there are some choices and sacrifices I have to make, for example when my friends go to the party or to the cinema I go to practice. However, I would not want to change anything because it’s my choice. For me this is what makes me happy, to be at tournaments, to see nice places, so for me it’s not a difficult thing to do. I’m living my dream, I think this is a pretty good life.
  • My dad always told me that if I won just two games in each set then I already won in my mind. So sometimes, I would come to the net and say “I won!” And the girl would say “No, you didn’t.
  • The juniors gave me a lot of confidence, and I have learned winning. I can take this experience with me, and I’m not afraid when it’s getting tight or something.
  • I didn’t expect anything because I didn’t make a plan. For example next week, if something happens I don’t know if I’m surprised or not because I’m not thinking about it.
  • From my childhood I liked to compete. I always wanted to win in everything. And I’m really ambitious.
  • A lot of people before me made the mistake of feeling too much pressure or stopped working so hard, I don’t want to make the same mistake.
  • A lot of players felt like they had to win every match. Definitely, it’s not automatic that because you’re top 10 you’re going to win every match, you have to work the same for it. So on the court, I always feel the same, I don’t think, ‘OK, now I am in the top 10 it is going to be easy.
  • I always wanted to be here on the big courts, and now I finally made it. I really appreciate it a lot. And I remember this when I am, like, down or not appreciating. So I tell to myself that I really have to enjoy this time and not be too tight, too serious, too obsessed. I am sure that it is the only way to feel happiness.
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  • I can say I have many friends. But it is even more important to have one on tour because it’s not always easy. With Kristina ( Mladenovic ) we have the same interests and sometimes the same thoughts, and off the tennis court also. We like to hang out with each other, and, you know, typical girls’ talk, like shopping, talking about boys, just stuff like this. You don’t have that often with people, but we just, like, clicked.
  • To get the truth right into the face – that’s what you need to get better. You don’t always need someone tapping you on the shoulder telling you are doing great.
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  • My strength is that I play a little different than the others. And I think that my opponents have a little bit more trouble with it, because I take the ball earlier than other players.
  • I believe that differences and unexpected manner are the keys. I also improved my serve so it can also be my weapon sometimes.
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