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Benoit Paire: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

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  • I didn’t win any tournaments when I was 24, and now I did beating some very good players. I don’t care if I play well or not, it’s important to get on court and win some matches. I see tennis differently now. I don’t care as much whether I am playing well or not so well. As long as I am on the court and trying to get the win.
  • When I enter into the court I know I can do something. So I think it’s helping me during the important moment.
  • There are many factors that enter into play. We are humans. For some players, they’re above everybody else, like Novak Djokovic.We are struggling. Sometimes we feel better than others. I feel that when I’m not too scared before starting a match, I can have good results. But most of the time I am scared and I can’t feel my legs and I lose.
  • I’m not perfect. I have to work on the mental side. But in three years there’s been a lot of effort, a lot of progress.
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  • If I just keep the ball in play, I get bored. We play tennis to have fun too, so I prefer to try things, dropshots, etc. Sometimes it’s brilliant, but sometimes, well, it’s really hopeless. A bit of everything.
  • U.S. Open is the best tournament. It’s where I played well for the first time in a Grand Slam. And for me with all the buildings and everything, it is for me the best tournament.
  • I like to be in a sad mode, it makes me think, I create a bubble.
  • Everybody criticized me and said that with my character and my behavior I’ll never make it. I won’t forget it.
  • The Olympics? Not a priority for me. I will go there but I can’t say that it’s my priority, said Paire. The whole season is important for me. For me the season, tennis, ATP rankings.
  • It’s incredible in 10 minutes the best and the worst can happen, but the people want to see a spectacle. They also want to see players who express themselves on the court, who don’t necessarily conform to the norm.
  • I shouldn’t say it, but I have always succeeded without too many efforts. So, I wonder: why should I make an effort?
  • Our deepest fear is not to be unfit, our deepest fear is to have an extremely powerful power. It is our own light, not our darkness that frightens us the most.
  • Benoit Paire about family: “I have my family here. I have close friends that are with me all year round when I’m playing. These are the only people I’m looking to. I don’t care about who else is there.The important persons for me are my parents, all my family, all the friends that are close to me. They made a lot of noise. These people are the ones who lift me when I feel down, which is the case in this period.
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  • My father couldn’t even come and watch me play before because I was so horrible. I could break anything — I broke umbrellas, I broke chairs, I broke all my rackets. I hit balls all over the place. It was hard for my parents and everyone. They’ve been through a lot with me on tennis courts when I was younger.
  • I put things in perspective: there are worse things in life than a tennis match. But, then, I arrive without rage on the court. There are guys who arrive on the court and know they will win. It never happened to me.
  • When you are able to have a chance to go to the quarterfinals, it’s really a pity you’re not able to make it.
  • To play in France for a French player it’s never easy. I think in Roland Garros is different because they support every time the French player. I think Paris Bercy is not the same public.
  • I know how the Olympics are, I am happy to leave. The tournament was good preparation for me. My tennis is there again and it’s in a good place. The rest is secondary.
  • I was very emotional at the end of the match (against Marin Cilic), it’s the kind of victory that does me a lot of good. I’ve already beaten Cilic. If I serve well and I have the right sensations, I have enough to get through.
  • Favorite song is ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele and my favorite movie is ‘The Notebook’.
  • Benoit Paire about his coach:“My coach told me the most important thing is ‘when you go out of the court, you win, you lose, you don’t care, just have fun.’ That’s why when I start the match I try to hit fast all the ball and I was feeling good. So for me, for the confidence, it’s good.”
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  • To beat Kei, he made final last year, so for me, it’s my best victory during my career. But I don’t want to stop now. I want to beat the next one and then — I don’t want to stop after Kei, after this match. I want to — I don’t know how you say in English, but I want to go up.
  • Drogba is my top athlete and Wawrinka is one of my locker room pals.
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  • I want to be happy on a court, and this is the case if I succeed all the shots that I want, if I make retro, serve-and-volleys… You know, exceptional shots. I try things when I shouldn’t, but we play sport to have fun, right?
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  • When I’m happy after a result, happy with myself and what I’ve done, I’ll eat a little McDonald’s or a pizza — that’s what I did before the match with Nadal.
  • I’m very fussy about eating. There are a lot of things I don’t like. I do love hamburgers, pizza, and I love drinking Coke. It’s true I should eat less of those foods. It’s getting better little by little, but it’s not my priority to deprive myself and eat something I don’t like.
  • I know when I practice, my shots are good. When I will be able to play those matches being more relaxed, I will be able to have good results.
  • Every match is different and you have different feelings in different matches.
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