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Bernard Tomic: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Bernard Tomic’s Quotes

  • The biggest thing with me is just staying focused and doing fitness and working on the little things. The tennis will come if I’m doing the right things off the court.
  • It (Mexico) is so different. I’m from Australia and I grew up with the beach and warm weather, so here is very hot, very beachy and I enjoy this.
  • I don’t care about that match point. Would you care if you were 23 and worth over $10 million?
  • I’m different on the court, I’m very structured, very focused, I don’t do many things wrong or break rackets.
  • I was so used to playing a lot of junior tennis, where I got into the habit of playing a lot of defense tennis. That’s what made me win a few junior titles, where I was really good in juniors.
  • I found out, if I really want to play against these guys, I have to relax like I do in practice. That’s when I play my best tennis, in practice. I know if I play like I do in practice, I’ll play much better in my game.
  • Everybody is a threat. You can play in the second round and play a tough match and then have an easy quarterfinal. It doesn’t matter if you are number one like Djokovic, you can lose after playing one match.
  • We all (Alexander Zverev, Taylor Fritz, Lucas Pouille and Nick Kyrgios) play well. Nick won his second title in Atlanta and I congratulated him. There are also many players that play well like Thiem, and we all are coming through now. There’s a chance that maybe in five or six years we can all be in the top eight.
  • I’m happy he (Lleyton Hewitt) is the captain because he’s a legend.
  • I want to win, that’s my goal. I’m here to win and give a hundred percent.
  • I was coming from a difficult time where my results had not been good enough. I had to prove to myself that I could win big again and winning in Bogota in challenging conditions was definitely what I needed at the time.
  • I don’t feel like the leader of the new generation, I am just the oldest one among us but that’s all. They have all done exceptionally well over the last few months and we are all pushing one another which is beneficial to all of us.
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  • We (Nick and Thanasi) compete on the court but are friends outside. They are my Davis Cup teammates and we are very ambitious in this competition for the years to come. It is a healthy competition.
  • Tennis has always been a big sport in Australia. There was a bit of a gap between Lleyton and our generation but now we are closing it. The game is very well structured in our country from amateur to professional players which helps nurturing future talents so yes I would be pretty confident saying that the future is well assured.
  • Davis Cup has a long history and tradition in Australia. We would love to have our names among the legends of the sports who won this competition. Our new generation of players is strong but maybe it will take a few years for us to improve our respective rankings and get a proper shot at winning the Davis Cup. We do want to dream about it but make it a reality in the years to come.
  • Consistency will be the key. I need to be able to give my best every single week of the calendar and continue to improve my level of fitness. If I keep putting the hard work, hopefully I will be able to join these guys.
  • I am playing well and in a consistent manner so yes this is the best moment of my career in that respect however nothing can replace winning titles and going far in Grand Slams.
  • You cannot expect to win one title one day and think the next day that you will be able to beat the top guys. It goes little by little, you improve your game, you work harder and then you reach the consistency which will give you opportunities to compete and one day beat them. It does not happen in one week.
  • There is definitely a more mature Bernard Tomic. I have always believed I could win but maybe without doing before what was needed. Now with the all hard work I have put, I believe I am ready for bigger things.
  • Now I found my game, where I need it be, and that’s to have fun, relax out there, not play under pressure where as opposed to maybe six months ago I was playing a little bit more defensive, not playing my game. I really learnt the way I should play my game.
  • Obviously, you can’t sign all the signatures and stuff. You have to leave out some people. You can’t always give. People have to understand that and not be upset if sometimes they can’t get a photo or something to do with me. It’s difficult. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t cope well in Australia. I just like to be left alone.
  • It’s been a funny odd 13 years since I started playing tennis. It’s a funny feeling, because I started playing tennis at seven-and-a-half. Decision when I started playing tennis now I don’t regret.
  • Tennis is a sport where anything can happen if you compete well and try. It shows when you compete and fight in a match, things change for you.
  • Hopefully I can become a better player than I am right now and keep moving up and win the love of the Australian crowd in the future.
  • I don’t like the attention. People knowing you, I really don’t deal with that well. I think that’s why I don’t go back much.
  • I would love to win a Grand Slam.
  • All I am trying to do is to go by step by step. I know I can beat the top guys but I am very much eager to improve my consistency during the course of the season. So far this is what I have done so hopefully I can continue like this.
  • I play the Davis Cup always and the team is good, so I have to always play. I always enjoy playing for my team.
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