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Borna Coric: Rules of Life – Tennismood

Borna Coric Tennis Player: Rules of Life & Best Quotes Ever

We`ve got all best quotes of Borna Coric Tennis Player about his Rules of life, latest Goals, Idols, Desires and Dreams. Get the most intriquing Facts about the youngest player in the top-50 Borna Coric.

  • My favorite players are Goran Ivanesvic and Rafael Nadal.
  • If I could choose, I’d prefer to win a Grand Slam more than to be world number one.
  • I’m not working to be number two, I’m working to be number one and that’s my goal but I don’t think about that otherwise I’m going to get nervous if I’m not number one in five years or something, so I’m just trying to work as hard as I can every day and just do all the right things to be number one.
  • It’s good to have someone who’s going to keep pushing you and that you can look on them and if you want to be number one and if you are very competitive like me, I think that’s also extra motivation and will keep pushing you hard.
  • I admire Mike Tyson. I love his personality, what he did in the boxing and the way he fights. Tyson’s book ‘Undisputed Truth’ is also my favorite book.
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  • I was in Portugal once on a tennis tournament under 14 years, I like Portugal as a country. I know Portuguese tennis player Federico Silva, who in my opinion is great and has really bright future in tennis world.
  • I’m trying to be inspirational by myself, I don’t think you should look at someone, you need to be yourself. I need to be Borna Coric, you need to be yourself and you need to have your motivation I think.
  • I love how on the tennis court, just as in the ring, it’s a one-on-one contest, because everything is on me; I don’t depend on anyone.
  • “There’s nothing worse in life than being ordinary”. Those are the words tattooed on the inside of my bicep.
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  • Self-confidence is a key to success – if you don’t believe in yourself you have no chance to win matches. There is no point going on a tennis court if you think you are not going to be able to win the match.
  • Andy and Rafa are two players I respect a lot, they have great personalities and I like the way they play, so those victories are my best memories so far because they pushed me to play at my best. I learnt a lot during these matches. Those two matches were unbelievable moments.
  • When I am not on tour I have a normal life. I mean, I am 18 years old, I go out with my friends in Zagreb, my family is at my sides, and I have a good team around me.
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  • I am happy, I love tennis and I realize how lucky I am to do every day what I like the most, so why should I live under pressure? I am aware of the progress that I have yet to achieve but my ambition is to improve step by step without going too far too fast.
  • Borna Coric quotes Novak Djokovic about himself:”He has great fighting spirit, he’s disciplined, focused, committed, very young but confident, which is important. He’s a good guy. Borna feels comfortable playing with the top players. I’ve practiced with him a few times, and I try to help him because I see, in a way, myself through him. I’ve never felt that way when I have practiced with somebody as I felt with him. It’s like playing myself – we have a very similar game. “
  • I think my game is quite similar to Djokovic’s. I move well, I don’t miss many balls, I’m a fighter and my backhand is my best shot. When I’m at my best, I am more like Djokovic, game-wise; when I’m not, I’m more like Murray.
  • I’ve grown up and that means a lot to me. When you play juniors, you are eager to meet and face the top players, so it was really a dream that came true when I played my first ATP tournament.
  • Besides having confidence, you also have to work hard every day. These long hours working hard will always pay off.
  • I have to admit grass is not the surface where I play the best, probably because I don’t have too much opportunities to practice on grass and the season is short.
  • I’m trying to be like Djokovic. I think if you want to be one of the best in the world, I think you need to have that kind of thing where you just know that you can’t do some things which you want to do.
  • I would like to have tiramisu now but I know that I just can’t. I would like to go out with my friends tonight, but I can’t because I’m playing on Saturday and I need to recover. For me this is quite normal, I was just born with it.
  • Goran Ivanisevic is my everything. He’s an unbelievable guy. I’ve known him since I was 13 years old. I watched him in Wimbledon when I was five. So it’s kind of a dream come true – I always ask him if he can come to my matches because it does mean a lot to me to have someone like him in my box just cheering for me. But I think mostly we are very good friends.
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  • Maybe you are going to expect, or someone else, but I don’t expect so much from myself. I’m 18 years old in the third round of a grand slam and I just beat a guy who was top 10 or top 15 for many years. I don’t have anything to lose even if maybe some people think I’m the favorite – which is okay.
  • I have my priorities right, and have balanced it well. On court I’m focused like a 25-year-old would but outside I am a normal 18-year-old teen.
  • I started playing tennis at age of five when I saw my father play the sport.
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  • I realize to achieve something one has to sacrifice, I’m totally focused on tennis, I miss my family and friends when there is a long travel schedule, but I’m getting used to life of professional tennis player.
  • Hard courts are definitely my favorite surface, but I think I improved my tennis on clay, and hope that I could play good almost as on hard courts.
  • In my view my strength is that I am big fighter and I understand game very well. Also, I know how to play for a point. Shot on which I need to work the most is forehand and volley.
  • My favorite city in the world is Zagreb.
  • I have my own idiosyncracies about my water bottles on the court. That’s a little bit of my thing. I’m doing it before my match. While the match sometimes no, sometimes yes. It depends how I’m playing. It’s very, very complicated. Depends how I’m feeling. But always when I’m starting the match, I always put on the same place like first day of the tournament.
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