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Carla Suarez Navarro: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Carla Suarez Navarro’s Quotes

  • I knew that I was going to be the short one on tour from a long time ago because when I was young at all the tournaments I was the short one every time. But you can have other things in your game, you can be fast, you can see better where they put the ball. I know I don’t have winners as easily as they have but maybe I’m faster than the taller girls.
  • My game is about being solid, about putting one more ball in the court every time, to run, to fight.
  • I’ve been working hard every day. It’s not magic. It’s just work and practice hard. I think it’s really important being solid, being focused if you play a lot of times with top players in competitions and at the important moments. So each game you have a better level, you have more important moments. I think these are the things that made my season good so far.

  • I know it’s really difficult but maybe yes, I’m ready to win a major because I had good results in Miami and in Rome. These are tournaments where all the top players were. Every tournament is different but I think I’m ready to make good results.
  • I understand why people talk about Maria and Serena. It’s better that way. I don’t care about that. You have to be focused on your own game. It’s normal that people are going to talk about Maria or Serena because they won grand slams; they were and are world No 1.
  • My main problem is the constant travel and being away from my family and friends. Sometimes you feel alone. You have your coach or your physic but when you have bad moments, you need your mother, and your father.
  • My aim was to win one title and to get inside the top 10. I am happy I have done both.
  • The good thing of the tour is that you have the rest of the players who are also like you. They’re travelling and they’re also alone so you can talk to them about how you feel but it’s tough because you’re in competition against each other all the time.
  • No one can actually teach you how to step up from quarterfinals to semifinals. It’s only you who can find a way. It’s very difficult. But every loss helps you to become more mature and see things differently. I learned a lot.
  • It’s not easy to play your friend. It’s strange because when we play doubles we spend a lot of time together. We talk about everything, about life, about how we feel. I want all the time that she can keep going in tournaments, so when I’m in front of Garbine, when I have to play her, it’s tough. But it’s one of those obstacles you have to overcome.
  • Having a one-hander means that you can open up the angle a bit more. It is also an advantage when you’re under pressure and you have to hit a quick return.
    There are many players that unfortunately don’t make it. And that reminds me how difficult it is to get to the top. I’m happy to be among the best today.
  • The fact is that the goal of the Olympics, and of Cincinnati, is to arrive in the best shape at the U.S. Open, which is, after all, the most important tournament of this stretch.
  • I want to play more and be more regular because the top players can play really good in the big tournaments as well as all year round. I am working mentally to be more of a regular player all season.

  • You know, losing the first set is never easy. You can only believe in yourself, fight, run, and try to put the ball back in the court.
  • The win gives me a lot of confidence going forward in the season. I’ve lost a lot of finals so I’m really happy and excited about every tournament that I won.
  • I believe that to be the best you must compete against the best, and this season I’m doing a lot of that.
  • I lost in a very tight match against Venus . But the most important thing is to try and have those good sensations, look for confidence, and try to have good results.
  • In order to face Serena I would’ve had to win a few matches. For me, the most important match is the first one. Women’s tennis is very even at the moment. You have to win every match and play well in each match because all the players have the same goal.
  • 90% of the season is played on hard-courts. So I need to improve more on my game to play better there. For sure, my favorite surface is clay.
  • I feel extra motivation when I play at home. The difference is brutal when you have the public for or against and don’t feel pressure at all. Maybe you can be a little more nervous than usual because you want to do well at home in front of your family and your people, but for sure it’s a tournament I get very motivated.
  • I love seeing all the players in white, the green grass with the white clothes. I think when you were that clothes you feel different inside. It is special and it is beautiful.
  • Carla Suarez Navarro wimbledon

  • You never know what is going to happen. I can’t say if I look at potential match ups further into the draw. Every match we go on court and I think only about my play.
  • We can’t value what Rafa’s achieving now, the possibility of winning a 10th French Open. In the coming years, when the likes of Nick Kyrgios and Grigor Dimitrov and these people come up, we’ll value more what Rafa is doing now and has done before. It’s just crazy if he wins this year. It’s not 10 times in 20 years, it’s 10 times in 11 years or 12 years.
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