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Caroline Garcia: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Caroline Garcia’s Quotes

  • If I want to win a match, I have to play and don’t think of my opponent, what she was doing in the past, but just be focused on what she’s doing now and how I play now.
  • Just don’t care of what people say. I just care of what my family and my team say and what I say about myself.
  • When you have a wild card, you really want to play even better.
  • When you win your first title, you never know if you’ll win another. The work I’m doing with my team is definitely paying off.
  • Anybody can improve their games. Even at the beginning if you’re really bad in doubles, continue, work hard, and look at what we have done! It’s so great to have lived this together(about her 2016 French Open doubles title).
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  • It’s always good when you arrive to break someone like Serena because she has powerful serve. I just try to forget she is Serena Williams, to forget how many Grand Slams she’s won, and just be me and just play.
  • It’s difficult to express yourself correctly because it’s about emotions.
  • You are not going to gain anything or any power (during a tournament), you are trying to keep your level the same.
  • If I lose early in the tournament, I can work out and try to improve. When the tournament is done, I’m just trying to get well and work on the recovery for the next day.
  • I’m growing in my game and growing in my head, also.
  • I don’t know what I learned and what I didn’t learn, but I keep fighting during all the matches.
  • Caroline Garcia rules of life

  • It’s always nice to play against big player. You are working and practicing to play this match, because it’s in this kind of match you can learn more.
  • I prefer to win than to lost, because in your head it’s always more trust in victory.
  • I have my target, but I keep it for myself. I just want to improve and try to be more solid on every point.
  • Sometimes I was able to beat some good players, but then I was terrible the other days. So I just need to work hard and try to be consistent all through the year.
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