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Coco Vandeweghe: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Coco Vandeweghe’s Quotes

  • You have to be good at all surfaces at any speed to be the best. Everyone is going to have their favorites, but you have to change your game plan as tournaments and matches move along.
  • There’s lots of distractions that go on during a tennis match. If you aren’t able to put those distractions aside, then you need to kind of definitely work on that aspect of your game.
  • My superstitions are all things that I can control.
  • I don’t look ahead. I just look at the next opponent. If you don’t get by your next opponent you have no chance of making a third round. Next opponent’s first.
  • I always try and conduct myself to the best of my abilities.
  • It’s always been my dream more than anything to be an Olympian since my mom was an Olympian. That’s always been my ultimate goal, to represent the United States. So I try and make it a priority, even for Fed Cup. Even if it might not fit in my schedule personally as a WTA, you know, sense, I try and play it as much as I can.

  • I’m not perfect. I’m human. I definitely make mistakes out there. Especially when you have quite a few people watching you, cheering against you, cheering for you, that can all compound itself on you at times. There’s definitely frustrating moments when you train as hard as tennis players do and sacrifice the amounts that we all individually sacrifice. When things aren’t going our way sometimes that implodes on itself. At least for me it does. So I try to handle myself the best as I can and serve as a role model if I can. I try my best, and hopefully it shows.
  • I am black and white when it comes to competing clean. If you mess up, whether it was intentional or unintentional, that’s your own fault.
  • Tennis isn’t the way it’s shown on TV. Sometimes it’s tough. I don’t want to be fake.
  • In my family, you have to learn how to throw a football or get tackled harder than you probably want to. Kiki wasn’t going to be merciful when we thought we could beat him at Horse.
  • Just the noise factor and the engagement, highs and lows with the fans, everything like that, that’s fun to play in.
  • I know as a big server I like to have the free points right away instead of having that ball coming back, even if it’s short, easy, doesn’t matter. It’s the repetitiveness of someone getting your serve back.
  • Even tomorrow or whatever, I have to have confidence in my forehand that I’m going to out-rally someone, even if it’s their strength. Even with the backhand. I can’t change my game because someone has a serve and a forehand. I have to know I can do that better than they can.
  • Talking about pals. I don‘t want to see your face for two days. I just need a break. Two days, and we can be friends again.
  • A guy has to be taller than me. I had make an exception for actor Scott Eastwood. I looked it up on Wikipedia — he’s [5-foot-10]. I stalk his Instagram.

  • I grew up with NBA legend Bill Walton coming over to my house. I saw the best athletes in awe of my grandfather. I don’t get awestruck with athletes. I get awestruck with trashy TV people.
  • Every match is different. You can’t be expecting the same player to show up, neither from myself to play the exact same way nor her play the exact same way.
  • When someone is serving as well and playing as well off of their serve, you have to really focus on taking care of your service games.
  • It’s not the best thing. It’s probably not the best feeling when you beat someone you like, and it happens in singles as well. It’s even worse when you lose. It’s tough, but it happens every single week.
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  • Usually outside the court I’m pretty chill and happy go lucky, I guess you could say, maybe not openly in your face but definitely a relaxed individual.
  • And also playing a local wildcard you don’t know what type of player they’re going to be. If they’re going to rise to the occasion of playing in front of their home crowd and just play out of their minds, or they’re actually a really good player, or if they’re going to crumble in the occasion. I’ve experienced it all in front of my own home crowd so you never know what’s going to happen.
  • The pressure I put on myself, Ok I made a final I should make another final the next week, I was just wet behind the ears and didn’t realize each tournament is different. There’s different adversities you face, there’s different highs, there’s different lows, you have to take it day by day. That’s kind of the fun thing about different tournaments and tennis in general. You play a different opponent every single day and whether it’s yourself or someone else who is your opponent that day, it changes.
  • I take singles very seriously, and that’s what I want to be doing. It’s quite funny—I don’t really even want to play doubles.
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