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Daria Gavrilova: RULES OF LIFE -Tennismood

Daria Gavrilova’s Quotes

  • My movement is my biggest strength but I think it’s also that I don’t give up. People say ‘OK, she is a great mover’. But I don’t give up and I run until I know I’m not going to get there.
  • If I’m down I’ll try and figure out how I can win. My competitiveness is pretty natural.
  • You just have to be honest with the public.I said just before playing Hopman Cup that I was super nervous. I try and have the pressure off me just by not putting pressure on myself, just enjoying it. I always like to play in front of the big crowd. I know that everyone was supporting me and is always going for me. I’m just trying to enjoy every moment and not think of anything negative.
  • My coaches say that as long as it doesn’t distract me, I can be emotional. I play really bad when I’m being sarcastic and being too arrogant. That’s when I can’t perform at my best. I think I care a lot and when I’m positive and winning, I’m showing it. When I’m not happy with myself, I’m showing it too.
  • We’ve been together for a long time (about her relationship with Luke Saville), for five years almost. I think it actually helps that sometimes we are away from each other, we don’t live the same lives as everyone.
  • Obviously I’m looking forward to my ranking going up. I just have to keep doing what I’m doing, and I think I’ve been executing and doing everything right.
  • I was always just pretty competitive. I think every player hates to lose. I just feel like I have a chance every time and I just fight until I’m done with the match, until I can’t‑‑ until it’s done, until the last point.
  • You have nothing to lose. Just fight as hard as you can, get every ball back.
  • I’ve always loved Melbourne and Australia …and after each tournament I would still spend a few weeks there and train with Storm (Sanders) and other girls — and obviously dating Luke, I just love everything about it.
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  • I can get my serve better still; I can get my forehand better; everything can get better. But the main thing is for me to stay aggressive and to look forward and coming into the net.
  • I just play tennis and I try my best all the time. I don’t really think of a name when I play tennis, I just think of playing well.
  • I love the crowd. I love people watching me. It helps me a lot.
  • I don’t feel any pressure, but I really want to keep going and keep winning. I’m just building my own pressure.
  • Her big goal for 2017 is to win her first WTA title but first she’d like to lift the trophy again in Perth, where it all started. “Yeah, I can’t wait.”
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