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Daria Kasatkina: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Daria Kasatkina’s Quotes

  • I never expect something, because if you expect something, it’s always bad. So I just go on court…
  • I am not focused on the ranking. I am focused on my game, and I want to improve my game every day, every match, every practice.
  • My dreams are very big. I want to win the Golden Slam. Why not? But … it’s too far. But it’s my dream. It’s never enough. So I will go, and go for my dream.
  • It`s difficult to say, whether some players inspired me because I don’t look for other people, other players. I just focus on my game and try to improve every day and every practice.
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  • You always have to change something; you cannot stay on one level .
  • Maybe I’m not big enough to hit hard, and when I was a kid, I’d played smarter rather than just hitting the ball. But now I have to be more aggressive; otherwise, it’s impossible.
  • When I was a kid, it was my dream to be at the top, so now I’m just enjoying.
  • It’s getting more difficult because now opponents know who I am so they know how to play against me, what I’m doing. And now I have to surprise them and obviously improve my game and be focused on every opponent and every point because it’s very important.
  • Usually when I have some goals, like – I have to rank like this, I always drop. It was like this in juniors, when I was small. If I play good, ranking will rise, for sure. It is what it is.
  • For me everything is still new and I’m a little bit shy. But I learn from every tournament, every match; get experience, which will help me a lot.
  • Nobody plays forever. So we’re the next generation so we have to play better and better. I think soon we will be on top. I have to be confident, otherwise it’s impossible.
  • If you want to reach some goals, you have to be on the level. So I have to work harder and harder.
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