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David Goffin: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

David Goffin Tennis Player: Rules of Life & Encouraging Quotes

Get all the encouraging Quotes & Rules of Life from Belgium David Goffin Tennis Player about his goals, childhood, favorite desserts, heroes, confidence , first tennis match & a lot of others…

  • It’s good in tennis that you don’t have to be big or tall guy to be good. Yeah, otherwise I had no chance to get in the top 20. That’s why tennis is a nice sport.
  • I am always asked how do I manage to win so often. Well, of course I don’t have a big serve. But, yeah, like I said, I try to find some solution to win against big server like Marin or Milos or Isner. I have other weapons. Yeah, maybe I’m quicker. I think I can take the ball earlier than big guy.
  • If I could choose I probably would like to live on some tropical island.
  • If I was not a professional tennis player I am sure I would become a golfer. Someone like Phil Mickelson. I am his fan. He had the best short game in the world and the greatest feel for the ball. I love him.
  • David Goffin

  • There are two great and very different cities where I would love to return as many times as possible. Rome and New York.
  • For me crème brûlée and white chocolate are the tastiest things in the world.
  • The heroes from my childhood had nothing to do with tennis. I had a normal childhood. My heroes were Spiderman, Titin and James Bond.
  • One of my favorite novels is “The Da Vinci Code”.
  • Roger Federer has always been my favorite. I’ve been watching Roger playing on TV for so many years. I have learned very many things from him. I appreciate that. He has just perfect tennis, perfect technique, and I like the man. From a human standpoint, he is a great person, whether on the court or outside the court. When I was young I had a lot of pictures of him in my bedroom. When I was going to play against Roger for the first time, I could not believe it.
  • David Goffin

  • I had some goals and it was of course to stay in the top 20 but I always have the top 10 as a target. The thing is I have to think about my game and what I have to do and what I have to improve and what I have to do on the court every day in practice and in the match and not think about the ranking.
  • I feel I’m not far from the top guys. But I have lot of things to improve to go to the Top 10. Of course, I proved last year that I can win against Top 10 players like Milos Raonic. I beat Tsonga as well once; he was No. 11 at the time, but he was Top 10 before that. And I had good matches against David Ferrer. So I feel I can have the level to do it, but if I need to do it, I have to be consistent through the year, and it begins now.
  • Most of all I want to improve my volley. If I have to finish the points sooner, I will have to work on my volley to keep the points short. Also, it will make the matches less physically demanding.
  • David Goffin

  • When I was a child, I loved playing tennis. After school, I just wanted to be on the court to play, play and play again. My father was a tennis coach, so that’s why I started.
  • My brother was playing well and went to the Belgian Tennis Federation (Association Francophone de Tennis) when he was young. I followed him there when I was eight or nine. I’m still there at the moment.
  • I have a good return and move well. I think those are the best parts of my game. I have to improve my serve, because in modern tennis, it’s a big weapon to have. I feel that I have to be more aggressive.
  • Sometimes when you don’t have a lot of confidence and you come back in your country to play for your team in Davis Cup, it’s always good to come back with good staff, with your friends. And if you can win for your country it gives you a lot of energy, a lot of confidence.
  • David Goffin

  • Last years I played like I was young. I mean, I was playing good, but not doing it all tournament. Sometimes one match or two, but then one was not so good. So now when I have got much more experience I’m here with a lot of confidence. That helps me in my game. I am just mentally got ready to win.
  • Sometimes I still feel the lack of confidence. This year, during the event in Rome, I walked around the city with my girlfriend and saw the local player, “Roma” Francesco Totti. I was very excited but I was too shy to talk to him.
  • I remember my first tennis match. I was only seven years old. My brother and I were playing in the back yard through a small net. I was Sampras, and he was Agassi. We could spend several hours there. It was very funny.
  • My dream is to win the Davis Cup with my friends. That would be wonderful.
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