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Dominic Thiem : RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Dominic Thiem Tennis Player: Best Quotes & Rules of Life

View All the Latest Best Quotes of the famous Dominic Thiem Tennis Player, ranked №10. HIs Rules of Life, Interview Quotes about himself, self-confidence, pressure, tennis family, happiness, fun, his favorite animal & military service. Get the best information with our help!

  • To win in several tournaments during one season was very important for my self-confidence because it was a pretty tough start for me this season and I’m happy that I managed to turn it around.
  • I feel a lot of pressure because I had a good rise last year, I had nothing to lose but then of course the expectations go up. I had some trouble with it at the beginning of the season to defend all the points in my second year, but I think I’m handling it better now.
  • I always wanted to be a professional player but when I started playing well in Challengers and for the first time I did well at ATP tournaments, I saw that these guys are also beatable. So, at that moment I realised that I could make a career out of this.
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  • My family are tennis coaches and they always brought me to the tennis club. I basically had no other option than to start playing tennis. They coached me when I was young, and then I switched to Gunter.
  • I‘ve been a great fan of Chelsea. And I feel really sad about losing Didier Drogba and Petr Cech. They were at the club when I became a fan like 10 or 11 years ago.
  • I’m really happy about the young players. When you’re a fan of the club, you’re going to be a fan forever and of course there are endings and beginnings of new eras.
  • I just try to have fun going into the matches. If I win it’s of course very nice, if I lose it’s no big deal and it’s very nice like this.
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  • It is extremely difficult to make it to the Top Ten. You need so many points and good results. I didn’t know that I’m the 158th player. That’s really not a lot. And, of course, I am a bit proud and overjoyed to be part of them.
  • In general I don’t need that much time in order to reflect on some negative things. It’s in the past. I can’t change anything. Of course, I am happy how things went. But I don’t really need time to think. I’m more focused on the future.
  • I think I’m a good guy and I like to show it. I have an easy-going character. I don’t like complications. As a junior, if you are good, you are already a star. You go to nice hotels… Then you got to play Futures and it’s completely different. You have to live by yourself. It’s not easy.
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  • Appropriate level of physical training requires work, and it takes time to get used to the new level game. I have not yet got to the highest level. There are also more powerful players. But now I am one of the best.
  • A penguin is my favorite animal. They are very funny and they always have a kind smile on their faces. They just always look happy. Seems like they never have any problems.
  • Of course, it is nice that everybody expects victories from you. But it also gives you high pressure. I feel it, but I have to put up with it. After all, almost all players feel the same way. It is a challenge to which we must be able to respond.
  • Talent is only one component, it is important but the most important thing – it’s a hard work. If you can work hard every day, then you have much more than talent. Even in the days when I have no desire to train, I still spend 99 percent of my time for training. Gunther has never told me that I was talented. He has just insisted that I practiced a lot.
  • Two years ago, I ate everything. Now I have to pay much attention to my nutrition. For example, I don’t eat candies and French fries. After I started to keep to the diet I have noticed a huge difference in few weeks. I lost weight. I became more fit and strong. And it obviously helped me to improve the level of play.
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  • I am very calm, maybe even more quiet than I look on the court. I think that is pretty simple to me to have great relationship with almost all other players. On the court I’m a bit more irascible, but you will never see that I go mad.
  • I love football and ski jumping. It is a very popular sport in Austria. But I do not do it, because it is very dangerous. But I always watch for the results.
  • Everything is close but it can also happen you have some tough losses and the confidence is down. It’s a tough sport and you just have to work hard every day and see what happens.
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  • I didn’t enjoy doing the military service at all. It was really bad for tennis preparation. Austria is such a small country, I think it doesn’t really matter if it has a good army or not. There are no exceptions. I got sick at the end, for almost one month.
  • The generation of the Big Four is just so strong that it’s really, really tough for the next generation to make the breakthrough. But it’s nice, the time comes when the young generation overtakes.
  • My favorite food is sushi.
  • I believe that the first young players are going to win the really big titles.
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