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Ekaterina Makarova: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Ekaterina Makarova’s Quotes

  • I’m trying to stay in the shade, a little bit, to be in my world. I’m not using that much like social networks. I can say that I’m maybe closed a little bit. But I’m really enjoying to play on the big stage, the big courts with all this crowd. I’m feeling differently than in other places.
  • I played quarter in Wimbledon and I really believed that at US Open I can do my best result. I felt that I’m ready. I’m feeling good my game, my mentally ahead, you know, and believe in myself. I was feeling that I can do more than quarter.
  • She (Serena Williams) is a great and tough player. But once I beat her already, so I have a great memory. I have a great feeling of that match. She didn’t win actually yet, so I think tonight will be interesting match. I just want to fight.
  • To win the Grand Slam it is always the dream, from the kid when I was going to the school and then came back home and watching some matches. You are like watching and you want to be there, some day. You don’t believe that you can be here, and finally you’re here and going so far.
  • I’m really happy that she (Anastasia Myskina) finished the career and I started the career and that we are not really competing. She’s still the idol for me. At Kremlin Cup I was going on all her matches and like cheering for her. Yes, and now she’s helping me, also.
  • I’m just so happy that I’m lefty and the one in family lefty. I don’t think so that I’m doing something unusual. Maybe someone different, some other person can say that
    I’m doing some crazy things. I don’t know. Sometimes when you start to write, Wow, you are lefty, like something different.
  • I really wanted to be a dancer when I was younger, so I’d love to be a hip hop dancer or something like that.
  • I’m just like I am. Someone likes more people. Some would like to stay a little bit in your world. So it’s just different person, different style.

  • It (the Olympic Games) is much more for us than a Grand Slam. We were all the time talking about that, that Grand Slams are great tournaments, we’re so happy that we won two Grand Slams, but the Olympic Games for us means much more. We are playing for our country. We won the gold medal. It’s an amazing feeling. Our dream came true.
  • I don’t know why (when asked why she has performed so well in Melbourne the last few years), but I’m so comfortable to be here, so enjoying the city, stadium, everything. Maybe it’s the beginning of the year and you a little bit like want to play. You rest couple months I’m so happy. I’m enjoying to be here.
  • I’m really waiting for [Rio] and for me, Olympics mean a lot and I want to play there and I want to play good there. The young girls who are coming up are also good, so yeah, I think it will be tough to qualify and here we are working on that, too.
  • If I’m working all my career with a (female) coach, I think we understand (each other) and to get the communication with a (male coach) will be really tough. But, I’m not thinking about that and I really enjoy our relationship and work[ing] with my coach. She (Evgenia Manyukova) is just great.
  • I’m playing pretty aggressive tennis and I really enjoy to play on fast surfaces, especially grass.
  • It is difficult to pick out just one because there are so many good players that I have come up against. I can’t choose!
  • She (Evgenia Manyukova) is understanding all that stuff, and for me it’s really important because in important moments, she knows what to say and what I’m feeling. For doubles, she’s the best one, all our wins with Elena, I think, has a lot to do with her. So I think she gave us so many tips and all that stuff, so without her, I think it [would] be tougher.
  • EKATERINA MAKAROVA quotes and rules

  • I spend more time with my coach than with my family.
  • I just want to go out there and play every game and every point, try to get my rhythm, try to get my best tennis — if I’ll play good tennis, [there] will be the good results. I just want to say everything one at a time.
  • I began playing when I was about six. My friend was playing at the Luzhniki club in the Olympic park in Moscow and I came along one time. I really liked it and asked my parents if I could go back and then just started to play more and more.
  • We are just a normal family. My brother, Andrey, works in a bank, my father, Valery, is a businessman and my mother is called Olga and is a housewife who does everything for all of us!

  • The Olympics are really important to me so for me it would be a dream to win an Olympic medal here in London. I don’t really like to make too many goals as all I want to do is concentrate on my tennis and try and enjoy it. But if I had to choose one thing it would be the Olympics.
  • I finished school and now I am studying at university. It’s quite difficult to fit it around tennis because I am travelling so often, but I think it’s an important andI try to study hard.
  • I really like to dance! My favorite types of music are hip hop and R&B, although I also have another slightly embarrassing one: Roxette! Other than that I just like to do the usual things, like watching movies, meeting with friends and spending time with my family.
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