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Fabio Fognini: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Fabio Fognini’s Quotes

  • I run, go to the gym and travel with a physio all the time.
  • Health and love are the most important things in life.
  • I have seven different tattoos. However the one that sums up my approach to life is ‘NMM’ which stands for non mollare mai – “never give up” in Italian, Fabio Fognini quotes. I also have a “grumpy” tattoo. On my hip I have a tattoo of Brontolo, one of the seven dwarfs. Brontolo is known in English as “Grumpy” – the name comes from the Italian word “brontolare”, which means “to nag”.
  • I crash the racquets in my knee because maybe the court is really soft. I can damage a lot. That’s it.
  • Be temperamental on the court, but very friendly off-court.
  • I extremely love my country. I was born and raised in Italy, and I`m very devoted to it.
  • I`m very superstitious. I always wear a necklace filled with special mementos from loved ones, and you can often see me fiddling with it after good points during matches.
  • I’m not happy about how I play sometimes, for sure. Sometimes I’m playing in a bad situation, and I lose my temper on court. It’s wrong.
  • I have two personalities. I’m still working on the wrong one, and it’s a lot of work to do it. I’m not shy. I’m not scared to tell you.
  • Something has changed in my mind and in my game, something in my mind for sure. I feel more relaxed, and I believe also in myself. I think those two things, especially my mind, have changed a lot.
  • I find it difficult to deal with criticism for my behavior. Sometimes it`s going as far as to order a reporter to leave before I would begin the post-match interviews after my loss in Madrid.
  • The only things I don’t like are the rules.)) Especially Wimbledon’s rules. White color.
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