Hobbies of World Famous TENNIS Players

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Hobbies of World Famous TENNIS Players
    Have you ever asked yourself what is the most favorite hobby of the professional tennis player? How the world’s best tennis players enjoy their life beside tennis? What are their hobbies and off-the-court interests?

    Worldwide popular tennis players except tennis are fond of various other activities. After their beloved tennis turned on from just hobby into the successful professional career, sportswomen nevertheless have enough time and desire to spare free time combining different types of leisure. We provide you an exclusive opportunity to know about the famous tennis players’ hobbies!

    Golf from Caroline Wozniacki

    The world first tennis racket is head over hills about golf. In fact, it’s a great pleasure for Caroline to visit a prestige golf club, where among rich aristocrats she has unique opportunity to enjoy her favorite activity – playing golf. The famous tennis player is really into it and pays quite a lot of her free time for this sport hobby and, moreover, is going to take part in the professional competition. For sure, not only golf as a game attracts the sport star, but also it is a great chance to spend time with her boyfriend Rory McIlroy, who takes part in major sport competitions in the UK National Team.

    Wozniacki used her Twitter to share with fans her great feelings, after she has attended the golf’s competition in Shanghai during her vacation in November 2011. She wrote: “LPGA, I am on the way to you! Adore my new golf sticks and bag”! In the light of these facts, fans of the danish tennis player are likely to look forward not only for her new wins in tennis, but also for great achievements in aristocratic competitions LPGA.

    See calling of Serena Williams

    Serena Williams – the richest tennis player for all times, should be a water creature in her previous life. Popular sportswoman is crazy about leisure on the seaside. Among her numerous hobbies, one of the most favorite is an entertaining surfing. She adores riding on the special surf desk across the waves, enjoying the beauty of the ocean water.

    Serena Williams surfing

    Sometimes, she changes it on other vehicles such as water bike. Additionally, Serena is willing to travel underseas to discover marvelous flora and fauna of amazing сoral reefs and gorgeous water life in ocean’s depth.
    If we talk about her free time ashore, she is really keen on playing the guitar and active skateboard.

    Shopoholic Anna Kournikova

    Continuing the topic of water sport hobbies, it would be important to mention, that one of the most famous Russian tennis players, Anna Kournikova is also the kind of person, who is in love with big amount of water activities. However, the key hobby of her life is shopping.

    As a true woman Anna is fond of buying new clothes and attending fashion boutiques. Some people tend to think, that it is a king of disease – to be so focused on shopping. To tell the truth, Anna suggests, that it is an activity, that helps her to enjoy life during her free time.
    Except sport orientation, the Enrique Iglesias’s girlfrend is interested in sparing time with her nearest: friends and family, combining it with cooking experimentings and enjoying of cinema premieres.

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