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Federico Delbonis : RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Federico Delbonis’ Quotes

  • Beating Roger Federer was the best and I’m a big Boca Juniors fan.
  • When I won in Sao Paulo, one guy told me that I was scared in the last point and I said with a funny smile: ‘Yes, of course. All players are always nervous in this moment.’
  • My best friend is Facundo Bagnis. He is my age and I have many memories with him from the past when we were touring when we were younger. He is a really nice guy.
  • Maradona was my favourite (football) player. The best memory of Boca was when they won the World Club Cup in 2003 against AC Milan.
  • I feel good the surface because it’s not too fast. I can slice in that kind of court. I like it. Also, I like it in Australia. Every tournament I come this year I like it so much. I like to play in that kind of court, in that hard court not so fast.

  • My favourite movie is Gladiator.
  • My favourite meal is not so healthy: milanesa with french fries and one egg in the middle.
  • I have too many (bad matches). I don’t have one in particular. Always when I lose I say I played so bad.
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