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Feliciano Lopez: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Feliciano Lopez’ Quotes

  • Tennis is my life and has given me the opportunity to represent my country. As a 5 year old, when you recieve a racket you don´t really know how your life is going to turn up. I´ve been extremely lucky to dedícate myself to the things I love. Tennis hasn´t really taken things away from me, I´ve met extraordinary people, been to lovely places and traveled around the world.
  • I was very fortunate that I didn’t have injuries during my career.
  • I had such a long career, I started playing professionally very young, and I was very lucky in terms of injuries. Because this is the most important thing. You’ve seen many players who can’t play one whole year because they get injured quite often. I feel very fortunate in that regard.
  • I knew I needed to be very strong, and I need to take care of my fitness part more maybe in order to extend my career because I’m getting old and there’s so many young players coming up.
  • I have more experience and I know how to manage situations on the court maybe a little bit better than I did when I was younger. A few things put together to make it possible.
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  • Basically I didn’t have any time to rest. It was almost like one season together with another.
  • Everybody can do their own thing. It was a great chance. I didn’t know about going to London before, but at the end, three players ahead of me in the Race pulled out so they gave me the chance to be there. So, it was like a present. Because to take part in the Masters Cup (ATP Finals) for me was an unbelievable opportunity and I wanted to do it.
  • It’s true that I have a great chance for the first time in my career to reach the top-10. I’m going to try my best to get there, but if I finish in the top-15 by the end of next year it’ll be a great season.
  • Alba (his ex-wife) is the woman of my life. I do not say that she has changed my life, but when you meet a person like her, your life improves so much. I am very lucky to have her by my side.
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  • To be honest it will be difficult to have a generation as good as the ones we had during the last 15-20 years. They have to work more and the older I get the more it’s difficult to have a player like Nadal.
  • The surface was very fast, but we knew that before… I have nothing to say against the surface, it was the same for him as for me.
  • I prefer hardcourts (more) than clay. My best results have always been on grass or indoor tournaments or hardcourt tournaments, so (it’s) definitely my favorite surface.
  • It’s always difficult to play against a friend. We know each other since many years and he knows my game. I know his game, so it’s such a difficult match to play. I was lucky that I win.
  • The titles they are coming — you never know when the title is going to come because it’s difficult. You have to play good and you have to be lucky. It is many things that has to happen to win an ATP title because all of the guys they play good tennis so it is difficult.
  • The first title is the most difficult one, so once you get it you feel so happy. I remember it was a very tough match, five sets; against a great fighter. I was really happy at the time.
  • I like cinema. I love soccer. I love to watch the games when we are at home in Madrid. When I come back to Spain, I don’t have like so much time after practice and everything during the day. So the only thing I do is go to cinema, go to soccer games or go to dinner with friends.
  • Passion for the sport and to do something you love so much since you were a little kid has been the key to stay active for so many years. Taking care of my body and being lucky with injuries also keeps me going.
  • (My early tennis memory is) when my father (Feliciano) went with me on the court when I was five years old, me and my brother (Victor). I don’t remember any special moment, it was just my father, brother and me. My father bought me a tennis racquet when I was five at Christmas. That’s why I play tennis now, because of him.
  • I like the way he (Stefan Edberg) played, behaved but I like the way he was very quiet and very gentleman on court.
  • Nowadays it´s really difficult to win a Grand Slam due to the top 4 players that are always disputing the title: Roger, Rafa, Novak and Murray, but over the last three years I´ve been achieving things in my career, I´ve never achieved before. I would like to win Wimbledon, but I´m aware of my situation, it´s a goal I have.
  • First of all we are united, all the players are together, which is the most important thing when you want to achieve something. We think that the federation they haven’t been very honest with us, and the way they managed things and did a few things, in our point of view, was not the right way.
  • It was a fantastic season where I have been very consistent. From Wimbledon everything was good, I am very satisfied because I won some great players. If I keep playing like I did during the last three years, I will keep enjoying tennis elite.
  • I enjoy only the moment I´m living in, every year is a new challenge, so I don´t know if I´l be around in two or three years.
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  • I read the game better. Over the years, you begin to read the game faster, you know where the ball is going to go, and some other little things. Together, they make the success.
  • Those matches, when you have some up and downs, play over three hours, when you’re fighting your compatriots and save two match points, those matches with a lot of drama, you’re going to have a lot of confidence. When you survive a battle like that, it’s great for the confidence.
  • You can’t imagine what it means to win a Grand Slam for the first time, against the best players (Bryans) in the sport.
  • I like Julio Iglesias. Laura Boccini Italian singer. And I like many music styles like disco, dance, everything.
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