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Florian Mayer: RULES OF LIFE- Tennismood

Florian Mayer’s Quotes

  • If you lose, then it’s okay but please fight for every point, give your best.
  • I can play slice, I can play fast, I can play drop shots, serve and volley. I can mix everything. It’s tough for my opponents sometimes.
  • When I was young some coaches tried [to coach me out of it] but I said I didn’t want to change. I wanted to play like I wanted and that was always my opinion.
  • I take it (about setting goals) step by step. It’s better for me. My short-term goal is just to play every match 100%, fight every match 100%.
  • Top 20 is still a long way off. My first target is to get into the top 100 again by the end of the year. I’m optimistic and I’ve really got the desire back for tennis.
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  • It’s always a help if you come somewhere new and you know at least one person. Also, when I thought about which college to choose, it was also one of the factors that I know one person.
  • It’s tough to change anything but if I could, I would take a better serve – then I would be top 10 in the world! I have to say I’ve had a good career so far.
  • So often I failed in the past when I was the favorite and supposed to win. I’m so proud of myself, only the victory mattered.
  • I can relax and enjoy it without any pressure. I have nothing to lose.
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  • If I stay healthy and my performance is at the right level, I’ll be available again for the team in the future.
  • It’s very nice to win, especially given all the problems I had in the past. While the result shows a clear win, it wasn’t exactly like that. Every finals match is demanding, but I was ready this time.
  • It’s my biggest win in my career to win a 500 ATP event here in Germany on grass in Halle. If you see the list of champions in the past here and now my name is on the poster, on the list, I cannot believe it.
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