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Garbine Muguruza: Rules of Life – TENNISMOOD

Garbine Muguruza tennis player: Rules of Life & Best Quotes Ever

  • To make a new step I say ‘Come on, Garbine, you just need something else to improve more’.
  • Jumping straight to the professional level meant that I had to learn how to lose. It was tough when I was so small to win matches in the ITFs. But it was just a matter of time.
  • I would like to improve my tennis mentally. In the way to control the emotions. It’s difficult when you’re winning easy and you can see you can finish the match, or when you’re losing easy too. For me the very important part of the match is to be calm.
  • I follow a lot of people in Twitter. I like to write things on Twitter so people know what I’m doing. Because I follow people, to know what they are doing. Like oh, they’re in the swimming pool. I like to know what they’re doing. So I think the people who follow me also want the same.
  • Garbine Muguruza

  • I’m not superstitious but I brush my teeth at the same time. I wake up with the same leg. I’m not going to change anything.
  • I never look at the draw. I remember it was three years ago. I couldn’t play my first round because in didn’t know who I was playing in the second round. And I said: ‘Ok, this cannot happen. I cannot be thinking about who I am going to play if I win!’. I was too nervous. So I said: ‘Never again. I will never see another draw!’.
  • I may be a passionate person inside the court and if I am mad or upset, it’s hard to not show that. But when you play against someone who is watching you, your body language is important. If you get very emotional, you just can’t think properly. For me to be calm is the key. Sometimes my racket can fly, but just in my mind.
  • I’ve never felt a situation where I don’t see myself as a possible champion. You have to believe that you can do it. I felt great in the last two years in Paris. I beat players who play well on clay.
  • Sometimes to hit the wall and to realize ‘Garbine you’re doing something wrong’ is good. It feels good to be able to overcome difficult situations, because every day is like this. And if you want to be one of the best players, everything is hard. So to see that I’m on a good path, that I’m improving, is what I want to feel. It’s a very good position to be in.
  • I have to decide in which country I want to spend most of my time. I’m still thinking about it, it is not an easy decision and it is not about money. The point is that I have a great family, one part in South America and another in Spain. It’s a bit like asking a child if she prefers her mom or dad. To find regularity and continuity will be important.
  • It is quite difficult to have friends. It gets me a little sad. I see every week there are girls my age that are all very nice but they are my competitors.
  • After the big height – there is the down part, which I think is normal. I felt it before, and it’s difficult to handle obviously, but I am trying; trying to train as much as before and have no expectations.
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