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Gilles Simon: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Gilles Simon’s Quotes as well as Goals, Idols, Dreams & so on…

  • Always like when you play so long, you feel so many things are happening on the court. So many things could have been different.
  • One of my strengths is I don’t fear them (Nadal and Roger) really. Like I just see them as humans and tennis players. They are fantastic. They can play an amazing tennis, but they still have some weaknesses on the court. I just try to use it. That’s it. I try to keep it simple.
  • I know a lot of players want me to win this match (with Novak). A lot of players will feel better with Novak out of the draw. That’s normal because he’s the best player in the world. But right now, one more time, it’s hard to use what I was playing. We all have different strengths.
  • ‘Tennis is getting older’. There’s no denying the truth of this statement, but do we have to say it in exactly that way? It doesn’t sound all that hopeful for the future. The sport might benefit from a rebranding when it comes to this topic: Maybe we should say instead that tennis is…ripening as it ages.
  • I know a lot of players and I have good relations with most of them but I have known some of the French players since I was 12 or 13. Gael Monfils, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Richard Gasquet because we are the same generation and I am also very close with Jeremy Chardy even though I got to know him later. I think I first played Richard when I was eight years old. We all see each other a lot on the tour and have dinner.
  • When playing my best, my strength is the ability to change my level. I can play slow and run right and left for a long time, but finally I can hit it very hard, very fast. I like playing that way. If I try to hit the ball very hard all the time, there’s no surprise.
  • I hate to play when it’s raining. I never understood when they force us to go on the court when the court is slippery. It’s just not acceptable for me.
  • It’s always hard to have one (favorite song). I will go with Street Spirit by Radiohead. My favorite film is also very hard… Inception.
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  • The equality in salaries isn’t something that works in sport. Men’s tennis remains more attractive than women’s tennis at the moment.
  • I am for equal pay in life, but not in entertainment. It’s not about how hard you work. It’s about the show. I believe men’s tennis is more interesting than women’s tennis. You have to be paid on that basis.
  • I couldn’t care less whether people see if I have talent or not. I usually answer that my talent is my timing. Talent is weighing 70 kg and hitting 50 winners against Rafa in Rome (last year). I hope it doesn’t get taken the wrong way, but when I see that they think that I have less talent than Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, it’s impressive.
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  • It helps a lot when you can see a player like him ( about Michael Chang) on the court doing so well, playing smartly, being crafty… trying to use his weapons at the maximum level. You realize he can do very good things… and it helped me to believe that I could make it also.
  • Nobody would claim that doping is non-existent in tennis. But we, players, think that we have one of the cleanest sports. I support the establishment of a maximum of things against doping, as the biological passport in 2013. But I do not want people to “communicate” on it, and it is true that there was a lot of “com” in the introduction of this passport.
  • I prefer to play against Nadal. I prefer to play the No. 1 always. That’s funny.
  • My parents have played tennis, but at a very low level. My brother is an engineer. They were all pretty good at school, but not me.
  • My parents, when they were young, wanted to do some sports, and unfortunately my grandparents didn’t allow them to do that. So they didn’t want to make the same mistakes with us. They always wanted me to do what I like to do. They did everything for me to reach this level. It wasn’t easy. They traveled with me to tournaments all the time. They really pushed me to be a tennis player.
  • If I win, it’s fabulous. And if I lose, it’s even more fabulous.
  • My parents always supported my tennis, but they really didn’t want me to let my studies go and only play tennis. In France we have lots of players who fail in their studies at age 16 or 17. If you make it as a tennis player, great, but if you don’t, it’s not great at all.
  • I’ll try everything, and if I lose, frankly it’s normal.
  • This tournament was really perfect for me and came at the right time (he won the Open de Moselle for 7th ATP title), because I am at a turning point in my life right now. I have often heard (my girlfriend say) that I never win when she’s there, so that’s done now.
  • The best feeling I had is when I beat Rafael Nadal in Madrid in 2008 because it was hard to do and hard to win.
  • I would like to play with Rafa. To play with Rafa would be funny because then I feel I can play from the baseline and he can just destroy the guys at the net.
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