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Irina-Camelia Begu: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Irina-Camelia Begu’s Quotes

  • One day I was only thinking about the match and what I did wrong and I was so disappointed with me. My coach was helping me a lot that day because I was so down. He was trying to help me to get through the moment and I went to Madrid and I was practicing so hard. He said to me if I work hard again and just be confident, the results will come again.
  • I was upset. I was working really hard in the off-season and the first tournament I got injured. It was a really difficult moment for me.
  • I didn’t practice for four weeks and I started slowly. It’s tough because in four weeks you lose your muscles and the first few days I couldn’t walk. It was tough but when you go back on court you try and enjoy every moment, because you never know when something like this is coming.
  • I was just trying to get confident back on court. But in Miami I was fighting for every ball. It doesn’t matter if I was feeling bad or if I had some problems. I was trying to fight for every ball. When you’re working hard everything is coming back.

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  • Even if you feel good on the surface there’s so many tough players and every round is difficult. It’s not like I feel so good on clay and I can beat everyone. No, I have to work for every match. I feel confident, but still I have to work for every match.
  • I was three-and-a-half years old and my aunt was a tennis coach and tennis player, Aurelia Gheorghe (playing for Germany, Gheorghe reached a career-high No.326 in 1989). I went with her to the practice and I was just [picking up] the balls. Then I started to pick up the racquet. It was funny in the beginning. The racquet was bigger than me.
  • I was winning tournaments when I was 10 years old, but you never know what is happening. Tennis is an expensive sport and you have to play more tournaments, and it’s expensive.
  • When I was 14 I played the European Championships in Armenia and I made the semifinals and final, and then I start to think a bit that I can be a good tennis player. After, they picked eight girls and eight boys and the ITF made a one-month tour with these players. It was really nice for me. It was a really nice experience.
  • My family and my aunt told me you only play if you want. You don’t need to play for us. I was so motivated. I really enjoy playing tennis. I still do. It’s a job and sometimes you want to sleep more, but still I enjoy it so much.

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  • I love the Maldives. It’s amazing. For me there’s nothing better than the Maldives.
  • I watch TV only when it’s tennis. I have a lot of movies on my laptop.
  • I love Federer and I admire a lot Rafa. These are the two players I really enjoy when they are playing.
  • When I’m at home I really enjoy being in my kitchen and being in my house. I love being there. I go to the theater, I go to watch some movies at the cinema, go with some friends outside. I’m not so long at home, but when I am at home I like to do these things.
  • I like clay court, but Australian Open is my favorite Grand Slam. The conditions and the organization are so good there. They make us feel so good there. Maybe it’s also because it’s the first tournament of the year. It’s nice.

Irina-Camelia Begu quotes about life

  • The key today was to stay calm and make my opponent run more, and I think I was successful in those. I was also hitting the balls deep and close to the lines.
  • I’m so happy to win my first WTA title in three years, it’s been a long time, and I’ve improved a lot.
  • I’ve learned a lot from many matches and many experiences, and most of all I think I’ve become much more consistent when I’m playing. I feel totally different from three years ago.
  • This country (Brazil) is really special for me. In 2014, I was around 130, 140 [in the rankings], I don’t really remember, and I started with the small tournaments, then Florianopolis and Rio. Being here for five weeks I got to see that the people are really nice, the food is great, too. I was also doing well, winning some of the tournaments, so it was a nice comeback for me. If I have the chance I will come back again!

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