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Jelena Jankovic: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Jelena Jankovic’s Quotes

  • I’m getting a little bit better with each match.
  • Why I love Wimbledon? First of all, because of its tradition, as it’s such a prestigious tournament. I love everyone playing in white, and the grass courts are just beautiful. And I love the strawberries and cream, and I love how the fans are very involved and love their tennis.
  • I have to earn every point that I win.
  • I like sitting in the players’ locker room. They have those nice, beautiful sofas, and nice smelly candles. It’s so relaxing. Usually, there are lots of fruits and magazines and books in there. I like to read and relax in there. It’s a peaceful area.
  • I remember watching Monica Seles and Steffi Graf play. I was a big fan of Monica – she was my idol. She’s still my idol.
  • It’s very important to stay strong physically, and you need strong legs so that you can stay down low, as the ball bounces quite low. You need to have a low centre of gravity. So I put a lot of emphasis on the strength in my legs and lower body. I don’t play so well on grass so I’m still learning how to play on it, and trying to adapt.
  • I’m not a veteran! I felt as a veteran before, but now I feel great. I feel young. And I feel young at heart — and that’s what matters. My body’s in good shape right now, and I feel great so I don’t want to be called as a veteran anymore. Until I’m going to be a real one.
  • Belgrade has a nice nightlife, there are lots of nice clubs where you can have a good time, listen to some good music and share some drinks.
  • It’s important to have girls who look nice, who have personalities on the court and who can really draw the crowds so more people watch the sport.
  • I really love fashion and I think a lot of the girls dress very nicely and really pay attention to what they’re going to wear. They have different kind of styles, they like to be different, so it’s tough to pick out just one. But it’s all about having fun and expressing your personality through fashion.
  • I have my little clothing line in Serbia. It’s still like a hobby at the moment, I really haven’t thought about what I’ll do after tennis. Most likely I’ll have a family first of all and live a normal life and then we’ll see what I’ll do when I get a little bored.
  • I listen energetic music to get pumped up and feel good. It’s different kinds of music, it depends on how I feel. I like Lady Gaga, I like Beyoncé, I like Alicia Keys.
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  • The player from the past I would like to face on Centre Court…Maybe Martina Navratilova, just because she had that style of play that really suited grass, with the serve-and-volley, and being such a great net player. She was such a great champion.
  • How I spend my time during a rain delay? In the locker-room, or, if there’s going to be a long delay, I go back to the house. I’ll lie on a couch, reading a book or watching TV. Or I play cards if I have good company.
  • You have to believe in your shot anyway. No matter how good your shot is, you have to believe in it. If you don’t, doesn’t matter how well you hit it. If you believe it’s going to go in it’s going to help you on a big point, that you can go for it and believe that it’s going to land on the line.
  • I love playing the US Open. I had a lot of deep rounds here. It’s my favorite Grand Slam. I love the energy that this tournament has. The surface suits my game. The weather. I enjoy it. I love being here. I would love to do well. So I’ll try my best.
  • I have been a professional for I think 13, 14 years. It’s not easy hitting balls every day, and staying really motivated throughout the whole period. It’s normal you’re going to have ups and downs. But, you know, I found my way again.
  • I love the sport. I love competing. I love battling. I love being out there and, you know, playing in front of crowds. This is what I have been doing since I was a child, so there’s nothing else that I want to do at this point. I still have fun doing it. I want to be in the top of the game if I’m going to play. So that’s why I said to myself I want to – I have to go out there and work hard, work on my game, improve, get fit, do everything right in order to have the chance to succeed.
  • Of course at 19 I was super excited. I just wanted to be out there. I loved everything. I loved seeing all these players that I have seen on TV. And now it’s different. I’m older. I’m playing against some of those girls I have been playing for years, and then, of course some youngsters. It’s different experience.
  • Even though I’m older, I have to train more and do a lot more work on my body and take care of the little things in order to feel great for my body to be in good shape. So it’s a little bit different. When I was 19 I didn’t even have to, you know, do some of the recovery stuff. I just felt great.
  • When I’m healthy, I love running around and competing and having fun. For me, tennis is a game. And it’s a fun game. I enjoy, you know, doing it.
  • I’m enjoying my game. That’s what matters the most. I don’t want to put pressure on myself. I’m playing one match at a time, and we’ll see how it goes. My goal is to go far.
  • I’m pretty focused. I set my priorities right. Especially when I’m playing I try to stay relaxed, save as much energy as possible, you know, and eat the right food. I don’t do a lot of walking around to waste energy and feel tired.
  • I am glad I can play against so many different players and different styles. It is good for me in this moment, to play as many matches as possible, to challenge myself with tough opponents who are playing well and to be able to test my tennis.
  • Now from first match you have a tough task, you never have an easy opponent or easy points, nothing is going to be given to you freely. This proves the high level of women’s tennis, as well as men’s.
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  • I am a fighter by nature, I never give up and I always try to be the best I can be. Ok, I had many injuries and I have been unlucky many times. It is tough to come back when you get injured, it takes some time to get back at your level.
  • Serbia had not such a tradition in tennis and not even proper facilities to train. This proves everyone can make it if you are hungry enough to follow your dreams and do everything it takes to become a champion. I am proud we had so many successes and hopefully we will have more champions in the future.
  • I didn’t really think about the other players. I don’t want to get involved, you know, how they are doing. I just really focus on myself and how I have to play.
  • I’m still working a lot. I’m trying to improve my game, trying to improve my fitness, trying to get stronger and fitter each time. My goal is never to stay in the same place, always to keep going forward, to keep improving, which is the most important thing, because if you don’t do that, the other girls are going after you and ahead of you, and so you always have to try to add something new to the game to get stronger, get fitter and faster. So everything is to get better and better.
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  • I’m very spontaneous. Whatever I do on court I show my real emotions. When I’m frustrated I yell and scream, and when I’m happy I smile. It shows in my face. I don’t really try too hard. I’m just who I am, and some people may like it, some people may not. But that’s the way it is.
  • These days I haven’t been moving well, so I’d love to fly on the court, get all the balls back, it would be great.
  • I actually love watching men’s tennis, and I try to learn from those men that are playing so great. I enjoy watching Djokovic of course, Nadal, Federer, Murray. I really enjoy the way they play, and I try to learn. Because they are so fast and so strong. They can play certain balls from you name it, which position in the court.
  • I have a Twitter. I don’t follow anyone because I don’t really know how to use it. So here and there a picture or two is attached, but it’s not updated frequently.
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