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Jelena Ostapenko: RULES OF LIFE- Tennismood

Jelena Ostapenko’s Quotes

  • I see myself as a sports manager (in future). Maybe in tennis, maybe in other sports.
  • The coolest thing was, that on final (Les Petits As) was so many people and most of them were supporting me.
  • I wonder when a good partner. This summer at the Youth Olympics in China first tried to play in the mixed category. It was fun, but nothing more. But in General, they perform as juniors, it is useful to have more practice. At the same time, you always learn some new elements. So in a couple of welcomes and my coach.
  • Best song to get pumped before a match is Dynamite (Taio Cruz).
  • I prefer America: Florida, New York. Feel good there and I like it. And the people and the weather. In Florida, for example, everything has to tennis. A large number of courts, almost every second there playing tennis, I feel like a fish in water.
  • I’ve always played aggressive since I started to play tennis. Of course, when I was a child I made more mistakes. But every year it gets better, so it’s more difficult for the others to play against me.
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    Jelena Ostapenko body and legs

  • I started to play tennis when I was five, and I also started to do things like ballroom dancing. Then I quit ballroom dancing when I was 12, and I started to play more tennis.
  • Both (Serena Williams and Ernest Culbis) are very well served and preached an aggressive style of play, which impressed me. Serena is not only the best, but her tennis is nice to look at. It is more diverse. May hit the net to leave, shortened to make. In general, is able to change the style and pace of the game.
  • My tennis idol is Justine Henin, but when she isn’t playing, Kim Clijsters.
  • I study easy. I don’t see anything complicated. In the lessons sometimes I can spend half an hour and already free
  • I would like to play doubles with Azarenka, Henin and Clijsters.
  • I find it interesting to play for the national team. It is an opportunity to meet with strong players. Especially now hit the 1-St group of the Federation Cup, there is another level.
  • Jelena Ostapenko quotes and rules of life

  • Many tennis players quit school at a very young age [and don’t make it]. In my opinion, it’s very good if you still keep your studying. I’m really happy that I finished a good school. So now I can focus more on tennis!
  • I love when it’s raining after like 40 degrees when it’s so hot and then it rains. Even if it’s hot, for me it’s fine.
  • I just love to dance. I still want to once or twice a week to deal with them. But there is no such coach.

  • It was one of the best moments of my life to win such an important trophy (Junior Wimbledon). I loved the grass courts and playing on Court No.1 is an unforgettable memory. It also felt very nice afterward when all the people came up to me and wished me well.
  • I played in juniors, and then I started to play some seniors tournaments. It’s totally different. Everyone is playing and fighting for every point. It comes with experience.
  • My parents didn’t ask me to play tennis. My father is a footballer and my mother is a tennis coach and I always went with her to the courts. I started hitting against the wall when I was three years old and that is when my mother noticed my talent. My parents have never pushed me and always said I could do what I wanted. I still spend a lot of time with them and we are very close.
  • Jelena Ostapenko family

  • She (my mother) knows me very well, and she knows all my advantages and disadvantages. So she’s the person that can help me the most. Sometimes my father travels with me, and he is helping me also a lot – but just as a father. My mum travels with me as my coach.
  • I really love sushi – it’s very healthy, also. At home in Latvia, I really enjoy the food there, it’s really tasty. And when I am not at home I prefer Italian food.
  • I want to play professionally. When I finish, maybe I’ll go [to college]. But I still have a chance to play professionally. If I go to college I miss like four years, and then it’s going to be difficult to come back.
  • I just want to try and go as far as I can. Because if I play my best, I think I can do well there.
  • I really love ice hockey, I watch it very often. And then I enjoy watching track and field and sometimes soccer, the Champion’s League.
  • I’m really happy that even though Latvia is a small country, we can have good players and we can represent our country.
  • I lived all my life there (in Latvia) and I train there and I really like it there. I don’t want to move anywhere.
  • Jelena Ostapenko Latvian tennis player

  • I like pop music and rap, also.
  • I also like watching movies and spending time with my pet Juliata, who’s a Yorkshire Terrier. I miss her when I travel and when I can, I’ll take her to tournaments.
  • If I play my best tennis I can win. You just have to play, you don’t have to expect anything.
  • The best I like to play with Wilson is that I can hit strong and I can play well with those rackets.
  • It’s a little bit tough to go from juniors to seniors, because here everyone is playing the same in every match and every point – playing [hard] until the last point. Sometimes in juniors, if you’re pushed a bit you can give up. I think I transitioned well to seniors, though, as I am now top 40.
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