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Johanna Larsson: RULES OF LIFE- Tennismood

Johanna Larsson’s Quotes

  • We really had some superstars in Swedish tennis and it is really hard to compare myself with them, and it will be for everyone who’s coming up now. We have a really good tradition but we fell a little behind at the moment. We are trying hard, and I’m trying hard, to put tennis on the map again in Sweden; we have the goal to make it a little bit more popular and have more kids playing, to be again a great nation.
  • It’s a very special feeling to play for your own country and have Sweden on your back. Usually, the other fifty weeks of the year you are playing by yourself and for yourself, while in these two weeks (WTA tournament ) you are playing with your team and it is a very special feeling. Especially when you win it is nice; you can celebrate all together! But when you lose it is even more painful. It’s a unique thing.
  • Slowly tennis players are changing their minds about Olympics, but for me I’d rather win a Grand Slam.
  • She (her mother) cooks very good. When you are abroad so much and you are travelling so many weeks every year it is quite nice to come home and eat the food you grew up to. Almost everyone recognizes oneself in that. When you have to eat in restaurants every day it is really nice to go home and find mum’s cooking.
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  • The longer I play the more my game is taking on and it is a good thing!
  • I’m an aggressively baseliner. I like to place trust in my serve and I like both sides – I just try to always step in and hit hard.
  • Obviously playing in a WTA final is really big for me. It’s something I’ve maybe not been dreaming of, but certainly looking forward to for so long. It was just sad that I was totally alone that week, so I couldn’t really share the moment with anyone. But I keep the pictures in my own head. Helping take Sweden back to World Group II in Fed Cup against China last April was great too.
  • Sometimes I wonder why I play tennis because it’s so individual and I love to play in a team. So Fed Cup is just amazing to me and I enjoy every minute of it. It was special, as I played the last singles rubber and I won it, and we went up to the World Group. If we as a team are playing well, then absolutely we have a chance.
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  • When I was 17, 18 I was in a squad of four girls with the Swedish federation and Catarina was the coach for the team. But in terms of comparisons with the men, I just really don’t want to put that kind of pressure on myself – I don’t like playing with pressure. It just makes things worse. I just want to go out there and enjoy my game and have fun.
  • I watched so many different sports, so my idols were more from sports like swimming and cross-country skiing. As I’m from the north, skiing is the biggest sport you can do and so I was doing it a lot. I really enjoyed it and was quite good at it, actually. But tennis was more fun. Sometimes when I’ve been playing badly my dad has said I should have gone for the skiing because I was much better at that, but only in fun!
  • I have really strong emotions to win, but in the end it’s maybe not the most important thing. I would not compare myself to the guys, because that is just impossible.
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  • It would be great to play the Williams sisters, because they’ve been in the game so long and they are just so famous. I’d like to find out how hard they really hit.
  • I never really did my best results on clay, but I like it. I’m really trying to like it so maybe I’ll get good results on clay soon! I’m quite an all-round player, so I like all surfaces, grass, clay, hardcourts. But my best results have been on hardcourts so maybe I have to put that one first.
  • If I wasn’t playing tennis at this level right now, I think I’d have studied to be a vet. I finished high school and then we have what we call a Gymnasium where you choose what line you want to go down. I did four years of that but I have four subjects to finish, which I will have to do if I want to study more when I’m done with tennis. Right now I feel I want to play tennis, so the study has to wait.
  • Traveling so much, it’s not possible for me to look after an animal myself. But my parents have a dog, hens, cats, rabbits. Basically a zoo!
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  • I really admire Therese Alshammar – she’s a swimmer who’s won so many medals for Sweden. I think she’s just amazingly cool. I just love her attitude, so if I could meet someone I’d like to talk to her about how she became so cool!
  • I don’t really have hobbies as such but I like to watch other sports. We have a football team in my city, Helsingborg, so when I’m in town I go to the home matches if I have time.
  • I grew up playing on plastic! I guess my game style fits more clay courts: I have big swings and my groundstrokes and my spin fit best on clay. One has to adapt and make the best of it, the Tour is played on all surfaces and one has to try also indoor and don’t be so negative about the surface.
  • I like to spend time with friends and family, enjoying my mom’s cooking.
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  • It (injure) also makes you appreciate tennis, it’s like it is almost “good” once in a while to get an injury to realize what you are missing and how much you like being out there on court and competing. It is hard at the time but it also brings something positive. I have seen many examples of girls coming back from injuries even stronger and more motivated than ever before, so it was kind of the same for me.
  • I also like to read. I liked the Twilight series. I wouldn’t say I was a hard core fanatic but I’m really a fan of the books – I thought they were amazing. I’ve seen the first two movies but I haven’t seen the third one yet. I find the books always better, somehow, because there’s so much more detail – you make your own pictures. But the films are really good as well.
  • I like people who think before they talk.
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  • Everything’s been going quite fast lately. I had the goal to be Top 100 after the summer but I am already there. I wouldn’t say it’s unexpected, I’d say I deserved it because I’ve been working hard. But now I want to get to the Top 50 – that’s my next goal.
  • I started (playing tennis) when I was five. I have a brother, Jonas, who is two years older and we began playing on the street, using our bicycles as a net. I didn’t really practice that much when I was young, but somehow I got quite good quite fast. When I was 12 we moved from the north of Sweden to the south and about that time I won the biggest Swedish indoor tournament. I realized I wanted to continue.
  • Tennis took all the time since when I was really young. I grew up in Northern Sweden where we have a lot of snow and I was skiing a lot, mostly cross country. At the beginning of my tennis career my dad was always telling me, when I was losing, that I should have chosen skiing cause I was much better at that. But in the end I think tennis worked out really well.
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