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Juan Martin del Potro: RULES OF LIFE- Tennismood

Juan Martin del Potro’s Quotes

  • To win, first you have to know how to lose.
  • I just want to play better. When I’m 100%, I know I can be dangerous.
  • You never know what could happen in your life.You just have to try to be happy all the time, on the court, off the court as well.
  • I can’t run between points. I need to walk.
  • I just want to play tennis in front of the big crowds. I’m so exciting to still winning matches and maybe be in the top positions in the future.
  • Often called “slow” Delpo:“It’s my game, my way of the game. Slow, calm, patient.”
  • Juan Martin de Potro quotes and qoals

  • If the others care about you it means you are a good person. For me that’s more important than playing good tennis.
  • My biggest challenge is myself. Improving my tennis is not the main thing, but to withstand the mental and physical effort I make to get to play.
  • My mum always told me ‘you have to study, because the tennis life is very short and you never know what could happen.’ My mum was very smart with me.
  • I’m trying to be smart and seeing what is my present.
  • You think about everything when you have so much time to think. And the tennis life is very short. But I am really Catholic, and I believe that God knows everything.
  • Delpo on goofing around during matches: “I like to show them(crowd), we’re normal person, not only a tennis player. We feel like them.”
  • If I be aggressive to my opponent, they will pull me out.
  • I have to feel the match, to be concentrated on the match. And show it in the play.
  • Maybe I’m a little crazy. My coach doesn’t like when I do that, but I like to play with the crowd.
  • The tennis life is very short. And my first goal is always to be a good person.
  • Juan Martin de Potro rules of life

  • It is normal to have more ups and downs than good tennis. When I announced my comeback I asked for patience, and I’m the one who should never lose it.
  • First I want to become a better tennis player. To become No 1. But it will take longer, after the injury.
  • I feel so happy to receive that love from the fans and from the tennis world. They don’t care if I win or I lose and I really appreciate that. I really appreciate everyone who cheers for me all around the world at every tournament. It’s not easy to feel like a local player all over the world and that’s how I feel. It’s incredible.
  • Maybe I’m a little crazy. I shouldn’t do that. My coach doesn’t like when I do that, but I like to play with the crowd, also.
  • I had a sister who died many years ago, and I believe that she protects me from the sky.
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