Kei Nishikori: If I live in Japan, it might get crazy

by: TennisMood March 04, 2016 219

Kei Nishikori: If I live in Japan, it might get crazy

As Great Britain get ready to host the Davis Cup first round tie against Japan, Kei Nishikori explains why he has to avoid going to his home country, Japan in order to avoid causing mayhem among people and supporters.

Nishikori may be Japan’s most prolific tennis star as he carries the flag high in the world of tennis but for the World No 6, living in Japan has become sort of problem due to his popularity.

“If I lived in Japan it might get crazy, but luckily I am in the States,” Nishikori said. “It is difficult [in Tokyo]. I have to wear sunglasses, a hat, a mask, everything.”

The Japanese star has been based out of the United States ever since he turned 13 and does not own a house back home because he gets to spend at most 3 weeks in his home country. And even when he is playing at home, his court time during practices is restricted by the organizers.

But these are the kind of sacrifices Nishikori has been willing to make in order to have a successful tennis career and have been high as being World No 4, the 26-year-olds ambition is to deliver a Grand Slam for his country.

And as far as going back home is concerned, Nishikori believes that he will head back home once his playing days are over.

“It’s complicated,” Nishikori said, “but I feel more comfortable in Florida because nobody cares about me there and I can train hard and concentrate. But after retirement, I will go back to Japan for sure because I feel more fun and my friends are in Japan, my family and everybody. As soon as I am done with tennis I will go back.”

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