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Kei Nishikori: Rules of life – TENNISMOOD

Kei Nishikori Tennis Player: Rules of Life & Motivational Quotes

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  • Reaching 45 in the rankings as my first goal was great for my career. It’s not easy to aim for Top 10 when you are 18 (years old), so it was a great goal for me. It took some time to get there, but I’m very proud that I’m now one of the best players in Japan.
  • I need a little bit more of everything. I need a little bit more experience. You have to be ready mentally to play seven best-of-five-set matches, that’s not easy. My body has to be a little stronger to try and play couple of five sets in two weeks.
  • Asia still does not have a men’s singles grand slam champion. I don’t know why too. I really don’t know. I know there are lot of talented players in the juniors but when they get older… I don’t know. I would be happy to change the situation one day.
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  • For me it was great that I moved to live in the States, and I got a lot of good practice and travelling wise it was a lot easier than staying in Asia. That gives me new opportunities.
  • It’s not easy to play the big guys, especially since I’m one of the smallest guys on tour. But you see David Ferrer has been in the top five. But I have advantage of good footwork. I have something that they don’t have. I am improving a lot of my weaknesses.
  • Sometimes I feel it’s not easy but I always try to enjoy (the battle) and try to find a way what I have to do.
  • I am faster than other players and I can get to a lot of balls. They have big serves, much power, they can finish points with one or two shots. For me it’s not like that but I still enjoy matching up to them.
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  • I got a lot of confidence from seeing Li Na play great tennis and winning Grand Slams. Hopefully I will be in her position soon. Hopefully there will be more Asian players coming up and I can give them confidence as well.
  • A lot of people in Japan now recognize me, even in the U.S. some people recognize me. I never had that before. It is a great feeling. Feel like I am famous! It is not like I want to be famous but it’s a great motivation for me. If you have good attention, you feel more excited. When I go back to Japan, it’s not easy and relaxing as before but I try to enjoy the moment.
  • When I was young Roger Federer was my idol so it was an exciting moment when he asked to hit with me at Wimbledon in 2007. He’s the best player in tennis history so I was very excited and very nervous. The excitement was amazing.
  • Michel Chang and I are spending more time on the court together and mentally he’s giving me a lot of good tips, changing some techniques. (As a result of his coaching) I am trying to be more aggressive than before and come in a little bit more.
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  • I love shopping. Especially I love shopping in London. I like shopping for clothes but I think I have to stay focused on my game.
  • In fact, when you focus on your game, you do not think about how to control your body! When you are practicing, you train every movement of your body. You try to make it ideal and automatic. But during the game you cannot think about it, there is no time!
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  • I feel tennis under my skin. I think it comes from my parents. They played for fun and started playing with my sister and me. At age 13, I had to leave Japan for the United States to continue my training. It was hard, but I have always believed. It was my dream and since I was little I never had an idea of giving it up. It was impossible.
  • It’s also fun for me, you know, to have an opportunity to sociate with my fans with mobile app. It is great to have time with fans. I get more motivation and energy. Yeah, I hope more people join in the app to see more tennis, you know. Yeah, I think it’s been really well.
  • During the tournament not to jinx it, I decided not to call mom and dad and not to talk to them about my big wins. When I did so the next day was always lost.
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  • I find it hard to live far away from my family. I almost cried when I called my parents just after a win at 4 a.m. I told them probably four or five times that I couldn’t believe that I won. They said they were very happy, and my father said that I did not forget that I have the next tournament the following week.
  • I don’t feel pressure after a big win. I feel only self-confidence and calmness. I am sure I can beat anyone!
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