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Laura Siegmund: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Laura Siegmund’s Quotes

  • I got a new perspective on tennis. It’s a great sport, and that kind of gave me some freedom on the court to try things and change my game.
  • I don’t normally hear a lot of other good players talking about my game. It’s interesting to hear that.
  • A good ranking or titles are just the result of constant good work as a team.
  • I obviously want to win every match but first of all I want to savor the feeling of having come so far and the knowledge that the spectators seem to like my game. It gives me a sense of pride.
  • I still can’t believe it (At the Australian Open she played excellently to reach the third round). It’s definitely the biggest win of my career.
  • It’d be presumptuous to say (the match) was perfect, because there is always something to improve.
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  • I just try to find my game. I think this is normal. I guess in the end I was a little more solid and found my game a little more. It was hard. We both (she and Katerina Siniakova) came out kind of nervous. I’m excited I’m the winner.
  • When you feel tired physically, mentally you are already very tired much before you know it. There is some bad decision-making where you go like… Physically there was nothing to grab, and if there is no energy, you need to run to play tennis.
  • I really feel that this is new, but it’s not like I have never experienced like it (about her rapid rise from the Challenger circuit into a WTA Premier final). If you play lower level tournaments, like when I was in the final of a 25K, it’s the same feeling, it’s just everything a little bit bigger, a little bit better. But the feelings are the same. You really want to win, maybe put more pressure on yourself the next week.
  • I really don’t want to put any pressure on myself. I have learned to play freely and enjoy and I never want that have taken away again.
  • My main aim will be to stay balanced, stay with my feet on the ground, do good work and enjoy being out there on the tennis court. And the day I stop enjoying it like it was in the past, I will take the freedom to say, ‘No it’s not for me anymore.’
  • It’s not the end of my journey (she said after the biggest success of her career and her great performance in the tournament week).
  • It’s incredible that everything is going so well (about her numerous victories), but it’s the result of hard work.
  • This is one of my favourite tournaments (she clinched her maiden WTA Title in Bastad) and I can’t believe I won this one. I was in good shape and I was playing well last week as well. I knew I could do well here but winning the whole thing is something you might not really expect or think about.
  • I tried to find my game from the beginning. I wanted to be aggressive and play some clay court tennis because she certainly likes to hit and be inside the court to dominate.
  • I got a new perspective on tennis. It’s a great sport, and that kind of gave me some freedom on the court to try things and change my game.
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  • I tried not to think about the bad things so much. I talked to myself about the good things, about what I wanted to do and not so much about what was bad because definitely there were some things today that were off.
  • I saw that I could really play good tennis, after the win (over sixth-seeded Ekaterina Ivanova), then go home with a bang. I can play very good but I have to learn to trust myself.
  • When I come off the court after a loss I am not completely destroyed and down, but to see the good things that I did.
  • You have to learn to lose before you can win. That sounds corny but it’s something I never learned with my past coaches. Age 22 is a little late, but I’m starting to learn.
  • I must tell the whole truth that I don’t think about sporting goals in Rio. I am not a result-oriented type. I am just very, very grateful that I was nominated for the Olympics and can be there. This will be a huge experience – a dream.
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