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Lucas Pouille: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Lucas Pouille’s Quotes

  • The only thing I have in my mind is my eagerness to play. This is only positive.
  • Every time you win a match, your confidence is higher.
  • Since beating (David) Ferrer in Miami, there hasn’t really been a moment where my level dropped. I can’t stop now; the tennis road is very long.
  • I go away from my family. Normally during that time of the year (spring), I spend more time with them. But luckily my girlfriend came with me and my coach came with me. I also decided to have a personal physical trainer. These things are good for me.
  • Investing in a physical trainer costs a lot of money, of course. Sometimes you can’t do it. It’s not the right moment. But now I can do it. I can pay for my physical trainer, and I can travel with my girlfriend, which is extremely good for me.
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  • I beat Rafa but I have not won the tournament, there is nothing to cheer about. I still have much work ahead and I must get down to it quickly.
  • Sometimes I’m not able to play well because I put too much pressure on myself. I’m trying to be more relaxed and trying to focus on my game and trying to improve every day. Every time I’m on the court, I just think about my tennis and about improving. I think that’s made the difference between this year and last year.
  • It’s good that young players invest in their own projects. You need to invest if you want to reach the highest level and if you want to beat the top players. This is what I’m trying to do.
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  • We must also work harder and be even stronger physically. I’m not yet reached physical maturity. Any player making three straight games in five sets would be tired, there are still things to improve.
  • I’m playing aggressive, trying to approach the net as much as possible, trying to dominate the point, to be on the baseline, and not to be so far away and run every time. Yeah, I am aggressive player.
  • When I want to talk to Yannick (his coach), or ask him a question, he’s always here to help me. He tells me to try to focus. He says, ‘You’re always going to miss a lot of shots, but carry yourself and every time try to improve on every shot and just think about what you’re doing at the moment and not what the consequences are going to be.
  • [The pressure] used to play on my mind, especially a year and a half ago when everyone was saying ‘You’re the next French player’. It was tough for me to deal with it. But now I just think about trying to play.. It means I’m one of the best players in France. I’m trying to focus on myself and trying to work as hard as possible to get where I want to be.
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  • The Top 50 isn’t far away, but my goal is not to be Top 50. It’s to be much more. Top 50 is just one step. If you reach this ranking, you’re sure to be in all the tournaments and that’s a goal. If I’m 48 or 45 or 42, it’s the same. I want to be Top 10, Top 5, winning Grand Slams. Top 50 will be a good step, though.
  • I’m more precise. My forehand is better. Instead of hitting very hard and having the ball come back, I’m able to play a bit little shorter, being more precise. So not hitting as hard, but making winners. I’m able to return a lot more. I believe I’m able to move a lot quicker on the court.
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  • I need to improve physically, get stronger, play match after match. After the match with Ferrer (in Miami), I was a bit tired and it was tough against Gilles [Simon]. I need to be stronger and able to play two, three, four, five long matches if I want to be a potential Grand Slam winner. It will take a lot of work, but I can improve everything.
  • It proves that being mentally stable is very challenging, and I need to – I know I need to work harder on this. If I really want to reach my top level before my maximum and accomplish great things, I have to change that and play the way I play when I play my best all the time.
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