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Lucie Safarova: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Lucie Safarova’s Quotes

  • It’s been a really long time that I’m trying to reach this huge result and when it finally came it was like a dream come true.
  • It took me a few days to really realise it (about her breakthrough at the French Open), and finally when I was at home with my family, just sitting and relaxing you just think ‘oh my God, this is really happening’. Since then, a lot of media, a lot of stuff to do but all positive and I’m happy to be here at Wimbledon.
  • The tennis season is so long, and you have to keep your performance at such a high level.
  • The attention has been a lot more. At the end it (she came to Wimbledon ranked a career-high No6) was overwhelming, but it’s been also nice. Everyone’s really positive. I was getting stopped on the street in Czech, people congratulating me. It’s been good.
  • It’s never easy when you make a first year such great results, getting into top 10. Defending year is always tougher than the year you’re breaking through.
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  • I still try to play aggressively, and at the same time I want to be patient. I’ve been training it in Florida, I still want to improve this. I mainly want to be healthy, to me in the last few years it completely failed. If I could be at my maximum, that would be great.
  • I usually don’t do really well in my first grass court matches. It takes me always a bit longer to get used to grass but now I’ve been training for over a week on it and I’m feeling good.
  • A lot of happy memories, winning against great players and reaching the semis, first time stepping on the Centre Court is something you’ll never forget.
  • This is my job. I love my job. I love tennis. I’m going to go out there and try to win and play some good game.
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  • The key of the success of course is to play stable with one partner, and as I said, to enjoy the game, to have fun out there.
  • We have so many great players now on the WTA Tour and it’s just nice that the home crowd gets to see us at home at a big event.
  • Our tennis (the Czech Republic) is really strong, we have great players. I’m happy for my country and I hope we just keep developing more stars like that.
  • You always try to push your limits higher and higher. Last year I finished in the top 20, so the highest goal was to break through into the top 10. To stay there is something I want to do because it’s very tough competition. I would like to stay in that company and now try to climb higher. My best ranking is No. 5, but let’s try and get better and better.
  • It was a first love (with Czech tennis player Tomas Berdych) which is always strong. We came to the point where it was just not going the right way and both of our personalities became different. It just happens. Our breakup was very normal. We didn’t have fights or anything.
  • Since I was 15, I was sharing everything with a person (Tomas Berdych) and suddenly I was there alone. At the beginning it was frightening, but it was good to also know what I like for myself and what I like to do.
  • You have to do it on your own, you have to go through the hard work and everything. It’s kind of each has her own path but it’s nice to see others from your country doing well.
  • I’m healthy which is the most important, my tennis has improved, Rob (her coach Rob Steckley) helped me hugely with that. We’re having fun, we are friends, he’s laid back and is a funny guy so he makes all the traveling and everything easier if you have such a good person next to you. Also I think with all the experience throughout the years, that helps too, so it’s just everything.
  • Singles is the priority, but I really enjoy doubles. Especially with the team spirit because tennis is such an individual sport. Tennis you’re alone on the court and suddenly there is someone else there! I like the interaction.
  • Once you reach a Grand Slam final it gives you a sense of inner calmness and real belief in yourself.
  • The competition is so strong nowadays. Once you are not there 100%, there is someone else who is playing really well and wants to beat you. Especially when you’re in the Top 10 or Top 15. Everyone is pumped to play you and everyone wants to beat you.
  • Obviously you wanna win when you play, and you wanna beat the best, and you have your dreams and goals. But at the end of the day, it’s always just sports and tennis, and I enjoy more to spend time with them (other tenis players) on tour and go to dinners — because it’s very lonely when you don’t have anyone around.
  • Right now I’m just focusing on improving each day — my fitness and my tennis in general and to go back to my old level, which I’ve pretty much felt here already, so that’s great. I’m playing Prague, Madrid, Rome and then Paris, so I have plenty of time still to catch on with matches and routine and everything — I’m not expecting huge results from myself, just be out there for each match and try to win each match.
  • I try to engage with fans because I know that they are many people who are cheering for me and who are there for me, which is the best thing…I can have. I just wanted to explain myself [and] what I’ve been through because many people don’t know and then maybe they can better understand what I feel and what I’m going through.

  • I would definitely like to go to the Olympics. There are a lot of Czech girls fighting for the spot because we are a very strong tennis country, so we’ll see who will qualify.
  • It’s not easy when you travel every week. You change the continents, timezones, surfaces, everything; sometimes you just get tired and don’t play your best.
  • I’m kind of shy, so I’m not like the person who wants the spotlight. I’m kind of going on my path silently. I’m not extravagant in any way.
  • You always have the dreams and you want to believe in yourself and slowly you go step by step, but once you really experience it, it changes everything.
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