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Madison Keys: Rules of Life – TENNISMOOD

Madison Keys Tennis Player: Best Quotes, Tips, Goals…

  • For me every day is a new day and a new challenge. Past doesn’t really matter. I try to do everything in the way I think is the best. People try to measure me up to what I did then.
  • I don’t really focus on other people’s expectations. I only care what my own expectations are.
  • If you want to grow up and be successful, two things you don’t want to leave home without are hard work and dedication.
  • My people around me don’t push on me. They are the ones that are thinking, ‘If you don’t win it for another five years, that’s completely OK.’ There’s no time limit.
  • Find your motivation—and follow it. I try to stay motivated by always thinking this is what’s going to make me better.
  • I don’t really identify myself as white or African-American. I’m just me. I’m very much right in the middle.
  • I’m sure that I’m one of the up-and-coming USA players and I’m more just worried about being myself.
  • Sometimes I have lapses of attention, and I can lose some points very quickly. I’m working on it. So if I feel myself slipping a little bit, I’m catching myself very quickly.
  • I’ve definitely been working a lot on the mental side of my game. Being able to stay composed through whatever is going on the court, just figure some stuff out when I’m not playing, you know, perfect tennis.
  • My life hasn’t changed a lot since I’ve become a pro, but definitely having Wilson and Nike as sponsors has been amazing. My life is pretty balanced, and I don’t think there’s really anything I wish I could have more time for. My sisters and my friends are very good at keeping me grounded.
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  • I always love doing a circuit type of thing. I throw in some squats, sprints, weights, and then move on to another thing. You don’t want to be running all the time or lifting. The key is mixing it up.
  • Treat yourself once a week, or if it’s your birthday, treat yourself all day!
  • Better to enjoy life as a tennis pro on the way up, rather than be overwhelmed by the pressure to win young.
  • On court I can be kind of sarcastic and lighthearted. I don’t take things too seriously. I think I do that on and off the court. I’m pretty much the same person.
  • A positive attitude makes tough days much easier.
  • I’ve missed some part of a normal teen’s life but I still had somewhat of a high school experience. I went to prom and all that stuff. But I still got to do what I loved and got to treat it as a job.
  • You have to play your best to beat the player of Serena’s calibre. She’s not going to give you anything. You have to go out and take it. Getting to play her in Australia was really fun. She’s an unbelievable player. It just makes competing her much better.
  • It’s exciting that people see me as the future of American tennis. I think it’s something to embrace, and like Billie Jean (King) always says, pressure is a privilege. So being able to be that person is exciting.
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