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Marcos Baghdatis: RULES OF LIFE- Tennismood

Marcos Baghdatis’ Quotes

  • What I love about tennis is when there’s emotion on court. I think they don’t get much now in tennis. Before there was (John) McEnroe, (Jimmy) Connors, Agassi, that gave so much to the sport. On the court there was always something happening.
  • I love the sport. I love being in front of a crowd. If not I would not work. I just said that the reason I wouldn’t watch it at home is because it’s boring.
  • You cannot tell a person he doesn’t love his job because he’s not in the Top 50.
  • My goal is to get back to the Top 10. But my real goal is to play tennis and enjoy the moments on court, enjoy the crowd and do the best I can.
  • I think once I do that, automatically I’ll get back to the top 10.
  • I’ve had some troubles lately, in the past year…and a half I can say,some health problems, but now I am feeling good and you know, what is in the past is in the past, so I am looking forward to the future and I am feeling everything is fine with my body, so it is great!
  • It’s not easy to just skip a tournament. It makes you skip a lot of weeks. I mean, a tennis player cannot afford to miss the important ATP events at that time as well.
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  • Tennis now, it’s so tough physically, mentally that you cannot afford to miss any chances or anything.
  • All the players are dangerous. It’s always tough when you go to play tournaments. Everybody wants to win matches.
  • I played a lot of matches with the top 15 guys, played a lot of them. I beat three, four guys in the top 10. It’s a very good run, a very good year for me, knowing that for two years I didn’t play this level. I was 150 in the world last year. So that’s the reason it’s been a good year.
  • I made the final of the Australian Open when I was only 20, which was quite young. But after that I had a few injuries and missed some time on the ATP World Tour, so I haven’t been able to play as much as I would have liked, but now I am healthy again and playing matches, and I can win a Grand Slam.
  • I certainly don’t think that I am too old, Rafa is only 23 and Andy Murray is only 22, so I am not that much older than them. As I said, if I can stay fit and play well, then I can win a Grand Slam title.
  • I am looking forward to playing in Dubai. I love coming to Dubai. The people are so friendly and the tennis club is great, and everyone treats you really well.
  • France is always in my heart. I’ve been in France, I lived in France for ten years. So I speak the language, I know a lot of people from France, my family, have some family friends here. So it’s always good to come back and, you know, enjoy the time and feel good.
  • Sports needs a lot of different personalities. Everybody has his own, you know, his own character. His own way of being on the court, off court.And it’s a matter of personalities. It’s always nice to have different personalities, and that’s important.
  • It’s great to come back every year in Australia and not only the Cypriot and Greek fans and also the Australian fans are really nice and showing me love and they love the sports and when you play in front of people that love the sports it’s great emotions and great fun.
  • I had a good win over David Ferrer who is a top player and that also gave me a lot of confidence. It also tells me that I am able to compete with the best players, so you never know. I would like to come back to the top 10, it was a good feeling when I was there, so hopefully I can make it back there with some good results this year.
  • You have to have character, you have to build and you have to push yourself, you have to be positive and try to play every point. That’s what I try to do, I try to push myself.
  • If it is the food, I prefer different spice of our food or, I don’t know, I’m used to it because my father is Lebanese. So, when I go home he cooks very spicy stuff and with lots of spice.
  • I’m just the person who I am. That’s the way I grew up. That’s the way I’m on court, off court. I’m a happy person and that’s all.
  • Eduardo (his coach) is a hard worker. He built a team of people around me. I know he is going to boost my career. I need this type of entourage.
  • I’m very fit and there is no reason to look in hurry to finish the point fast. My timing is better and it’s much easier to control the ball well. Since I’m in a very good physical condition, playing both defence and offence and hitting all types of shots while trying to win comes naturally. I feel confident and think that my best years are ahead of me and have the strong ambition to achieve something great.
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  • I love my job. I love to eat tennis, to drink tennis, to wake up next to tennis , to sleep with tennis.
  • Players are so much stronger, the style is much tougher, the courts are slower, nothing is easy.
  • My usual routine: wake up, go play some soccer, go eat, and then prepare for my match by hitting some balls. And then go out there, have a great fight, and try to fight try to find a solution to win. That’s the plan.
  • When you’re on the court you don’t hear much. You know, you’re just in one goal and you just don’t hear anything. You’re just so concentrated.
  • I love my country. I need to go home on a regular basis to recharge my batteries and get back in touch with my roots. I left Cyprus when I was 14 years old, which is undoubtedly why I feel so attached to it. I had a tennis court built so I can train at home and spend more time there.
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