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Martin Klizan: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Martin Klizan’s Quotes as well as Goals, Idols, Dreams & so on

Do you want to reveal the thoughts of Martin Klizan tennis player, find out his idols & cherished goals? Read on this article & learn the philosophy of famous tennis player, ranked № 29…

  • I realized that this sport can be my job when I became European champion under 16 in singles and in Deblov with Andrej Martin. On the list of winners, I noticed various big names such as Wilander and Edberg, so I thought that I could be like them again.
  • The switch from junior to senior tour started off brutal. Although I reached the semifinal of Kosice Challenger, quarterfinal on Lexington Challenger and even won my first ATP match in Washington (d. Konstantinos Economidis) already in 2007. People said I was being disappointing, but it’s because I had long lasting inflammation of tendons in my left hand. Anyway, I was a teenager, so I felt like a world’s master and didn’t need anybody’s advice.
  • I played very, very well today. I mean, I was concentrating on each point and I won. I didn’t look at him if he was getting frustrated, only at myself.
  • The work with Kajo begins to pay off the year – we worked on serve and strokes. He gave me a lot from the tactical point of view.
  • I considered forehand as my best shot. To have success on hard court I had to improve my serve, because this is the shot that gives the biggest advantage on hard.
  • I played a tournament when the hockey world championships took place and Slovakia came with silver. I watched every match in a tournament’s restaurant. Of course the most important is that we beat the Czechs. The final against Russia wasn’t even important.
  • My nickname is “Klizko”.
  • True that I`m known of my big mouth and my boldest statement is that tennis players below top 100 are keen gamblers.
  • Perhaps if I accomplished my childhood dream and became a policeman I’d have a chance to chase them. I didn’t want to wear uniform. I wanted to give people fines.
  • My idols growing up were Marat Safin and Goran Ivanisevic.
  • I took break from school to play tennis. I don’t need education to be a professional player, but a bit of education doesn’t hurt.
  • I express special interest in events from the World War II and try to explore related cities when I`m on tour.
  • Perhaps I have a talent for languages.
  • I don’t think of money tennis brings, I play out of love for the game. I do it from the morning to the evening and just get my salary. It would be nice if I could secure my future with earning enough, but we’ll see how it looks after ten years.
  • I hate shopping. I do not like I walk around the shops. For shopping, I go about once a year and then enlist all I need. Laden’m on sneakers. Every other month I buy a new one. The most expensive thing I bought were € 200.
  • Both of my parents went with me for training and tournaments. They alternated depending on which of them had the time. But not by me. Tennis played and sister Natalia. Within twelve years too seriously as I do. Then she already surrendered. She is now 27 and lives in London.
  • I would like to see cities or places which are connected with history. Where something special happened. But I cannot say that they are explicitly searched. I do not have time. However, I am interested, for example, in some events of the Second World War, which ended up conquering Berlin. I would like to look that places where it all happened and how it is like there today.
  • I wouldn`t like to live in a prominent place. Definitely not. But in Germany or Austria, I really would like. There is always tidy and clean, there is cozy. It was beautiful this year in Kitzbühel. A perfectly Oberstaufene in the past.
  • I have made the decision to not come to Rio 2016. As the main reason I stated Zika fears, as many other tennis players before me. I am not exactly sure what are the medical consequences of Zika. Repellents should supposedly protect you, and we are supposed to wear long sleeved t-shirt, which isn’t ideal. I don’t believe that the situation in Rio will be alright. I am cautious about my health, especially when I am returning from a long break. I don’t plan to get ill now. It just worries me. The conditions in Rio aren’t what we Europeans are used to.
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