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Milos Raonic: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Milos Raonic’s Quotes from Best Interviews Ever

  • One goal:winning. Being ultracompetitive has always kept me focused on hating be a looser.
  • Development: I am relentlessly driven to always play better today than I played yesterday.
  • It’s cute to be the best. To be the best at something – not just tennis – it takes a lot of work and dedication and professionalism, and it doesn’t happen quickly.
  • “‘Because I love that game.’ That was my answer when someone asked me when I was twelve why I played tennis. You’re responsible for your life. I wanted to play tennis all the time. It appealed to me because it was an individual competition. It’s you. That’s it.
  • The one thing that really keeps me motivated, waking up early and having long days of training. I feel that I can improve everywhere. So we work on everything.
  • It is never good enough. It’s an ongoing goal. I can always do better and I work hard to make that a reality every day.
  • I feel like I am flying, when I am eagerly trying to achieve certain things.
  • The crowd makes the competitive atmosphere special. When you feel a little bit tired, having all that energy—even if it’s against you or for you.
  • Main principle from the childhood: this guy did this, I want to do more.
  • I’m proud to be Canadian. It’s important to me to defend the Canadian colors. And I don’t just do it in tennis.
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  • “If you’re confident in tennis, you’re confident everywhere else.”
  • Fond of arts. I try to enjoy when I’m in different cultures, even just from a viewing pleasure.
  • Openness to new experience. There are so many amazing things to see, to learn. You find so many eccentric and interesting and very quirky personalities.
  • Interested in unusual people. Very crazy people really understand something, and are quite a bit ahead of their generation.
  • Friends, friends,friends. In New York a really enjoy my spare time, having fun with my circle of friends.
  • Stays Calm: At this year’s Australian Open, Raonic was asked for his thoughts on breaking racquets on court. He said “I have 10 racquets. I need to play with 10 racquets. I don’t have any to break.”
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