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Misaki Doi: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Misaki Doi’s Quotes

  • I’m so happy to win the first San Antonio Open. Today it was very, very difficult conditions – it was so windy. But I’m so happy.
  • I will try to just focus my tennis and not think about the fact that it’s a final (about her hard-fought match with Andrea Petkovic in her opening round).
  • I just tried to focus on every ball (about her victoty of The inaugural San Antonio Open. Since the conditions were so tough, I just focus on one point, one point, one point.
  • I’d lost a little bit of confidence, but then I played Petkovic, and I was feeling good after that (about her match with Andrea Petkovic)
  • For an athlete, it’s (participation in the Olympic Games) big, like a dream. I’m very much looking forward to playing there.
  • It’s a real pity to let it slip as I don’t get to play in Japan much (She has been sent packing from the opening round of the Japan Open). The games were all tight but I was never able to get momentum. It’s really disappointing.
  • This is frustrating (about her defeat in the opening round of the Japan Open), as more was expected of me in my first time here as a seeded player.
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