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Monica Puig: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Monica Puig’s Quotes

  • I united a nation. And I just love where I come from.
  • I’m not sure what my future holds and what I can do in the future for Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is the most incredible place in the world and even though we’re going through our hardships now, we can only go up.
  • I idolize the men more, because I’m competing against the women and view them as rivals, rather than players I look up to.
  • I wouldn’t say that I have that many weaknesses – all I know is that I have a lot of strengths and everything in my game pretty much complements each other.
  • I’m just taking one day at a time. I’m not in a rush to get anywhere and I’m going to go at my own pace, but I think I have what it takes and the potential to do it.
  • I’m an aggressive baseliner, but also I can transition and come to the net and finish points off there.
  • My game is ready, my mind is ready and I’m ready to work hard and just focus on living the dream one day at a time.
  • I’m taking my time, and having a little bit of patience with myself. I know that something good will come in the future.
  • I do put a lot of passion and a lot of tender love and care into everything I do out on the court, because I really love this sport. That’s why I’m doing it as my profession.
  • I’m very proud of where I come from. I always, you know, try to give back to what they have given me and all they have given me is unconditional love and support. That’s the least I can do.
  • MONICA PUIG rules of life

  • For me, a win is a win, no matter if I beat somebody who I’ve beaten before, or somebody who I haven’t beaten.
  • I’ve always been 100 percent loyal. I still have family in Puerto Rico, and I’ve gone back quite a lot. It’s my favorite place to go when I just want to go to the beach or just see family. That island has given me so much, so much love and support throughout my whole career.
  • Monica Puig quotes about family

  • I feel like I always perform better when I have some time to practise… to work on the things that need improvement, before going out into the match.
  • I always set my sights on winning every single tournament I play. Obviously, it’s disappointing when it doesn’t happen, but you have to kind of trick your mind into saying, ‘I’m the best there is’, and ‘I’m going to win the tournament!’ So you know, when it does happen, it’s amazing. But when it doesn’t, you get back at it the next day, and just figure out what you did wrong, what you can fix, and move on.
  • One of my favourite quotes is: ‘Shoot for the moon, and even if you don’t reach it, you’ll land amongst the stars.’
  • The sports psychology part, my team takes care of. My coach and everybody on my team tries to get me mentally prepared for every single type of situation that I’m going to encounter on the court.
  • Monica Puig quotes about coach

  • There is a long way to go and I have a lot more goals that I want to accomplish.
  • I’m just really happy with the way I have been progressing since the year started and where I am now.
  • It’s just the more positive you stay, the clearer you can think. Starting to get down, starting to get negative, you can’t think the way you want, and then it doesn’t translate into something positive on the court. So I just try and always keep myself as calm as possible.
  • To have some wildcards to have a taste of what it’s like to be in the main draw is great, but you also need to go through the struggle of having to qualify or playing the lower levels to earn experience to make it into the main draw on your own. I think there’s a more special feeling when you’ve earned it yourself.
  • You have to win that match before you can look into the future. Always trying to stay in the present.
  • Hard is good because I’m pretty aggressive, but as I’m quick and fast around the court, clay is also a very good surface for me.
  • I’m a person that goes little by little.
  • I’m a very hard worker and devoted to my sport 100 percent. As long as I’m healthy and I love to play, it’s going to be smooth sailing as soon as everything clicks.
  • We have other public figures in Puerto Rico, but to be honest, I like the support and attention I’m getting there, and it’s really important to me to keep it up.
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