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Nick Kyrgios: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Nick Kyrgios’ Quotes

  • Being a good sportsman really shows who you are as a person, tennis is a high pressure game and at times you can let your emotions get the better of you but you have to recognize quality when you see it or be fair when an injustice has occurred.
  • It’s good when you’re out there on a tennis court. There’s nowhere to hide. It’s all you, tactically, physically, mentally. But I just love basketball, I love the sport. I always have. I try when I’m on the road with tennis not to watch too many basketball videos and stuff like that, to keep me focused, but it’s tough.
  • When things get tough, I’m just a little bit soft. I’ve got experience, but it ultimately comes down to just laying it all out there and competing for a long time.
  • My best quality is my ability to have fun, enjoy the crowd, get interacting with the crowd.
  • Some players out there don’t really interact with the crowd, they’re really serious, but I think it’s part of my personality as well, I go out there and I like to entertain. I like to put on a bit of a show.
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  • My travel essentials are tennis rackets of course!! I don’t think I’ve ever travelled without them. Rackets aside it will be my music and Beats headphones – they’re ideal for relaxing and zoning out any distractions and of course my Malaysia Airlines Enrich Card!
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  • While I was born and brought up in Australia, I’m really proud of my family culture and very close to my Malaysian family. I’ve flown with Malaysia Airlines to visit them since I was a boy and always love going back to my mum’s roots. Keeping that link to my heritage is very important and it’s why I recently partnered with Malaysia Airlines as it will further enable me to keep in touch with my family culture.
  • If I am serving well and playing with a lot of energy, I don’t feel there’s many people can beat me over five sets on grass.
  • I don’t love the sport. But, you know, I don’t really know what else to do without it. I obviously like playing the game. It’s a massive part of my life.
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  • Sometimes I get too creative when I should keep it simple. One of my coaches always used to say, ‘When people watch you, you don’t have to try and go for that extra shot.’
  • With tournaments all around the world it’s essential to arrive at events feeling physically and mentally fresh and able to compete with the world’s best players. That means I need to fight jetlag fast. I do this by opting for an overnight flight and using the flight time to fall in line with the sleep pattern of any time zone changes.
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  • I’m just going to try to find that balance of enjoying myself, having fun and competing hard.
  • It can get pretty lonely on the road and I get homesick, so I get my brother, sister, mum and dad as well as friends to come and keep me company at different times. It’s really important to see them when I’m travelling.
  • Becoming No. 1 doesn’t really excite me at all, to be honest. It’s not something I wish that I was. Whether I am 13 in the world, 1 in the world, 20 in the world, doesn’t really bother me at all. It’s just tennis!
  • For a perfect holiday, I need good music, good weather, good food shared with good people. For me a truly memorable holiday has everything to do with who you go with.
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  • I train pretty much daily and will always squeeze in a gym workout even when travelling.
  • My favorite place in Malaysia has to be Kuala Lumpur where my relatives are based and I love the Cameron Highlands – I got to play tennis there the last time I was in Malaysia! I’m fortunate enough to visit my mum’s family every couple of years and it’s always special.
  • When it comes to fitness you can’t think about the work you put in yesterday. You need to make sure you’re getting the most out of every day.
  • I don’t cook but you can cook for me and I can tell you what’s good.
  • Obviously I’ve had a lot of ups and downs this year and last year. But, ultimately, I’m getting better as a player.

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