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Nicolas Mahut: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Nicolas Mahut’s Quotes

  • It’s always difficult to finish a match, even though I think he played relatively well and was hitting hard. It’s the same for all players, the end.
  • I’m going to enjoy every single moment.
  • Who knows? This is what I said two years ago, you never know when it’s going to be the last one. I thought, I’m going to enjoy the crowd. I want to enjoy it, as well, myself being an attacker this time. I have been saying this for 10 years being an attacker on clay, but it’s not that obvious.
  • It looks like it’s easy, that is, I will win the match if I’m more aggressive, if I come to the net. But it’s always been something difficult for me to do, and I’m happy because I thought, you must do it. You insisted on this, and it went well today.
  • Today my intention truly is to play my tennis and to say, again, okay, let’s take a little distance. Okay, I did what I had to do. He defeated me because he’s a stronger player. But no regrets, because in the past when I was to go back home, I was, as we say in French, as sad as a stone.
  • I have been sometimes disappointed and frustrated. This is something I have built on.
  • Roland represents so much for us. You’re going to miss this opportunity because you didn’t play your real game. It’s more difficult for an attacking player than for any other player.
  • This is what the French want. They want the French to win. They want the French to defeat the others. I want to enjoy the crowd.
  • The head is really, really important, and that’s where the best are really, really good. A lot of things happen in the head. You don’t know why. You’re serving, and from one second to the other you’re not there anymore. You’re making three double-faults in one game, then the others come back. They see it, they get confident and they play better and better. At the end you lose.
  • When you’re an attacker you hope to have sunshine, warm weather so that you can play a good, attacking game.
  • Nobody cares whether I go to the second or the third round here at Roland Garros. But for me it’s very important.
  • It’s very difficult to come and talk to the journalists half an hour after the match. I might say stupid things.
  • At big moments, I’ve lost some matches because mentally I was a little bit weak. I know some other players thought that about me.
  • Go over your limits. By far it is the greatest experience.
  • Playing with a friend, it always was a choice for me. I play with Benneteau for many years; I played with Mika the last two years. I really wanted to play with someone that I like.
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  • I’ve made mistakes. I haven’t had enough self confidence. I expected too much from those around me for a very long time.
  • I built myself back up going all out so I wouldn’t have any regrets.
  • Climbing back up is learning. Three times I’ve been way down and got back up into the top 100. I think I really have mental resources.
  • I’m full of desire, I’m fresh today. I’m lucky to have an exceptional woman at home who pushes me to the limit of what I can do.
  • You are on your own, you must be very strong in your mind to progress as a tennis player. It took me a long time.
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  • When I was injured, the only thing I thought about was Wimbledon. I had a huge will to succeed. I had great coaches, and I had a new training partner, Arnaud. Voilà: I learned a lot. It was like I had been given a fresh start.
  • After the many frustrations in my career, the pleasure came from fulfilling my potential.
  • It’s true that the Olympic Games were a failure, fiasco, a disaster, call it whatever you want, but first of all I would like to give a thought to Pat and his family, as losing him was a tragedy.
  • I learned a lot about myself as a tennis player, but also as a person, as a man. I know about myself that I can push when I’m tired, and when I say I want to give up, I really know I can go further. I’m using all of this very often. When I feel tired or I’m having a bad day, I just remember I went really far.
  • I never give up. I’ve distance myself a lot since last year, but always with the idea of being the best I could possibly be. And if I’m there, it’s because I didn’t give up.
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  • Now I can come in the press conference as a Wimbledon champion. It’s great.
  • I’m not putting up any barriers because I haven’t reached the objectives I’ve set for myself.
  • I can play everywhere in every condition, and this means a lot to a tennis player.
  • ‘I’m a very good loser.’ It’s typically French, losing but playing good, losing but in a dramatic way.
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